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16 December 2009

One of the most fabulous gifts we were given after coming home with Finnegan was several weeks worth of meals.  It started in the hospital, my mom would bring us lunches and dinners from favorite restaurants so we weren't subjected to the horrendous hospital food.  Then we came home and lovely friends would stop over with a day or two of meals, often something that could be frozen if we didn't want to eat it that night.  My Meme made us sloppy joes, Suz brought an unbelievable Greek salad, my mom made pork tenderloin & fabulous green salad, Annie dropped off a lasagne and on and on with delicious meals, most homemade.  They included desserts, side dishes, sometimes breakfast items for the next morning and if we were lucky they stayed and held Finnegan and we actually sat down to a hot meal together.  It was heartfelt, amazingly helpful, and gave us one less thing to worry about in our sleep deprived crazy new parent state.  It was bliss.  Pure bliss.

Since those days two and a half years ago, I have had the pleasure of delivering beef & black bean enchiladas, pasta & sauce with garlic bread and salad, and beef stew to my friends in those first days home with their new babies.  I get to witness those exhausted, appreciative smiles as a warm meal is put into their hands and it makes me happy that I can do something small to help ease them into their new reality.  Tomorrow I get to see TWO of those happy faces as I deliver my chicken gyros, tzatziki, orzo pasta salad, & fruit salad to Colin James and his happy parents & big brother and Matilda Mei and her loving parents and gaggle of siblings.  It is quite a Christmas gift to me to have two new little ones that I get to oooh and ahhhh over... and promptly return to their parents!

If you haven't ever taken a dinner over to a new parent, I encourage you to do so.  And if you have, please leave a comment for me telling me what great dish you've taken.  It's always fun to have new items in my meal delivering arsenal!  If you've enjoyed this tip, head over to Works for Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family & read other great ideas!

Happy Wednesday!


Emily said...

We very much appreciated the beef stew when W was born. If other people hadn't fed me, I think I probably would have forgotten to eat for the first few weeks.

I usually take lasagne. It's easy to make, transport, and freeze. I forgot to make one the last time I went to visit a newborn, though, so I stopped and bought pizza for lunch that day.

Get some pictures of Miss Matilda while you're there. I can't wait to see her cuteness!

Anonymous said...

Letting you know your Secret Santa package went in the mail Tuesday.

Michelle said...

Oooooh I am SO excited!

sunnymama said...

I would have so loved this when sunnyboy was a newborn! It's wonderful that you are doing this for others too now and thanks for sharing and encouraging others to cook for new mums. :)

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

I clicked on your WFMW tips as I'm always looking for new meal ideas to deliver to new moms. I must deliver 2 a month at least! Our MOMS Club arranges these thru our "Sunshine Coordinator" for every new mom. I remembered being new to town, having my baby, and no one visited me for 3 weeks until I called my neighbour to please come over and see my baby. So important to visit new moms so they can share their new joy!

Unknown said...

What a fantastic gift idea.

Stephanie said...

Chicken gyros! Yum. You should share that recipe sometime.

We had friends deliver meals for the first 7-10 days or so after each of our girls were born. It was so wonderful to know that we didn't have to grocery shop, meal prep, or cook for that time period. Preparing a meal may seem like a very small gesture, but I can honestly say that those meals meant more to us than all of those little baby bibs and onesies! :)

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