Give Me $10 and an Hour.

19 December 2009
Last minute gifting that you still have to shop for?  Stockings still to stuff?  At a loss for something to give?  Broke?  Zero time for creativity?   

Hang in there.  I've got some help on the way in the form of some unsuspecting elves that I have conned into participating in this blog series. 

The Challenge:  Create FABULOUS {inexpensive} gifts for all the people in your life.

The Rules:  The total spent on each gift can not exceed $10 and must be purchased at The Dollar Store, The Grocery Store, or Target.  Be creative & put some meaning & love behind your gifts.  Anything NOT purchased at the above stores must be found around your home and/or FREE.  Package everything in a lovely way so your giftees don't know that you didn't spend a mint... unless they read your blog.  Well, then you're screwed.

The Mission:  Gather your friend, two sisters, and hightail it to the Dollar Store, The Grocery Store, & Target armed with a list of everyone you still need to buy for and a good dose of the holiday freaking spirit.  {Drinking wine is highly recommended for those who are not driving.  Starbucks is a close second.}

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