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10 December 2009
Did you know that when your Google Reader hits 1,000 items, it no longer lists the actual number of items, it just gives you the shameful, glaring 1,000+ items until you once again hit 999 items? I don't even know how many I read, but I deleted 964 items because I just couldn't take it anymore. I figure if any of you had anything that earth shattering to say the last 5 or 6ish days that I was only sporadically checking Reader, it would just have been C&P'd and highlighted on a few of my other blog reads. It amazes me some days how viral social media can be. Oh sure, I have my favorites that I always {mostly} check, but for the rest of you, you're just not that important. I get it, I'm not that important to thousands of other bloggers either. I'm ok with that. You should be too.

A lot these days, I feel like people are forgetting what the deal is with their own blog. You see... I write mainly to preserve my sanity. For days that I feel like Wonder Woman and can conquer the world and for days that I feel like a jackass and for days that I feel like a shitty parent. All of them. I look to other women who stay home, who are able to balance a career and family, single girls who embody the person I was 10 years ago, people who create amazing things, who are more stylish, less bitchy, and on those days that I need it, who bring a voice of reality and a gut check into my living room. What are your reasons?

Maybe it's because I'm not looking at this blog as a business, and it really is ok with me if you do, but I'm becoming more and more annoyed with daily giveaways of products you probably wouldn't even buy, really shitty jokes that I don't think are funny, lying to readers about who you are as a person, misrepresenting how successful you are and feeling marketed to. Be honest with your intentions and I'm good with that. If I am going to the Google Blog, I am pretty sure they're going to talk about Google, that much I'm ok with. And it's not just the marketing thing, it's someone regarding me like a commodity rather than a person, being genuinely not happy down right bitchy towards someone else getting something they wanted, lying/embellishing and printing it as fact, and/or being a full on creep. {Please say it more like creeeheeep in a singsongy way in your head to really get the full effect.} There has to be a point that you just have to bloggy break up with peeps that are not doing it for you. Right?

So why is it so hard? There has only really been one person that I've bloggy broken up with before because she was an asshole in the way she spouted off things I don't believe in, right after she lamented on why her reader numbers were down and berated a commenter for posting their opinion that she openly solicited. Mostly she was rude & I didn't so much feel bad about that one. I do feel bad that otherwise fabulous writers are consistently not writing decent content because they're worrying about numbers or ratings or being successful. It's annoying. And for the sake of everything holy, be who you are because fake doesn't do it for me and truly, don't you watch enough movies to know that the fake ones always get exposed for who they are in some horribly obvious way?

Where was I? Oh yes, my rant, which I am now totally done with.

Just one more thing... I promise you that I'm going to attempt not to be douchey, I'm going to occasionally {that means a lot probably} swear because I do in real life and it's something I'd like to change, but at 33... I mean 27, probably won't. My genius posts, the ones I am really proud of, are sporadic at best.  I will likely make you ill talking about my amazing son because he is awesome, mostly not by anything Dave or I've done, but we like to take credit anyway. I might be funny, I might be sappy, and some days I will just post that I am alive. Because I'm a blogger, and that's how I roll. HA, see there?  I would totally NOT say that in real life.  Oh, and since we're being honest here, I totally got out of bed with my sleeping husband to write this in the middle of the night because it was bugging me to write a post in my head since I knew I would forget it, but by the magic of bloggerland it's POOF 8:00 am because I didn't want you to know I am one of those lunatic write in the middle of the night writers who ramble n' stuff. 

Happy Thursday.  Fill me in on the goings on with you since, uh, you sort of accidentally on purpose got deleted from my Reader.  Oh, and for crying out loud people who haven't said hi before, say hi so I can check out your blog too, don't you want to be on my future Reader-overload list?


Ashley said...

I would totally punch you in the shoulder (cause I'm not a hugger) and offer you a shot right now. I've written this post in my head more than a few times, just never actually written it, ya know what I mean.

There are several blogs I've broken up with because either the content so drastically changed once they went to BlogHer or whatever that I couldn't stomach it anymore.

P.S. If you deleted me from reader I won't be hurt, I still love ya.

P.P.S. I started using Reader. You were right. I'm in love.

Jackie said...

I probably deserve a delete..I suck at blogging but when I do it I love it. It is a way to have free therepy and people sometimes say I can be funny. Whatever..I do it for me and only me and when I skip several months...it's because there are no creative juices flowing or more likely work has sucked the life right outta me.
And I don't know what Reader is and don't want to know...facebook is bad enough! Anyways that's my rant. If I was deleted....I'll survive..and maybe some day I will get my shit together and write more and make it back on!

Brittany said...


Also, I was just going to ask you if you planned on attending BlogHer this year, and if you wanted to have the same flight times because of my fear of flying....but....you aren't aloud to punch people there, ya know.

Honey B. said...

You rock. And your post rocks. Its interesting to see who is in it for therapy, and who wants to make money. I haven't broken up with many people, but I try to be choosy about who I follow? Anyway, awesome post!

Michelle said...

Ash, you know damn well that I am going to hug you so just get over it.

Jack, you would never be deleted, I'm guessing that it's like one of those BFF laws or something.

Britt, I would rather stick a sharp stick in my eye than have you claw my arm and go into a cold sweat when we're encased in a steel tube at 30,000 feet, but ummmm I might meet ya there. I promise not to punch anyone.

Anonymous said...

I <3 you but you already knew that. Thanks for typing out what has been on my mind for sometime.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm cruising blogs that are part of Georgie's Secret Santa. I love this post. To me blogging is a very personal and selfish thing. I do it for me. I got nominated for a local award last year for best culture blog in Oklahoma. I felt the ugly pangs of "expectations" creep up and people would leave comments like "well this isn't much of culture blog." and I was like "I never said this was a culture blog!" This is my blog. For me. I appreciate others reading it but I'm not catering to anybody.

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