$10 and an Hour - Romantic Gift for your LOVE

20 December 2009

 The romantic gift would also be great to use for stocking stuffers. 

First, I created a cd of love songs {we already had blank cds in the house} and designed a cover for the cd case.  We have a printer that allows me to print directly onto the cd to personalize further, but you could also leave it blank.  I just used songs already in our music library, but if you wanted to go over the $10 limit, you could easily purchase all kinds of new music online at iTunes or Amazon.

Next, I purchased the candle {Shhhh... it's a Glade with the label removed} at Target for $2.50.

I also made {some cute & some hot} love coupons to spice up the gift a bit.  It doesn't take any money to give a massage or make out like a teenager, but it does show that you're thinking of your love. 

The last piece of this gift was a love letter.  There is nothing more romantic than telling the person you love all of the amazing reasons why you're enamoured with them. 

So, the grand total was $2.50.  I think I may add some chocolates or maybe some baby oil for that massage I've promised.  Both would still be within budget!

And a little gift for you...  You can download and print {share with your friends!} the LOVE COUPONS that I created to use for your own romantic gift.  There are ten different coupons from a date night to a quickie.  Enjoy!

To see more of the $10 Gift series, click here.

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