$10 and an Hour - Gift for the MOVIE LOVER

19 December 2009
This is a great, very easy gift to put together for really anyone on your Christmas giving list.  From men, women, or couples, you can customize the movie and the candy to the recipient.  Fabulous classic movies can be found at Target for less than $5 or you may even luck out at the clearance bin at the grocery if yours carries movies. 

For this gift, I had leftover popcorn containers {on the left} from Dave's outdoor movie screening party, but we found these cute plastic popcorn containers {on the right} at both the Dollar Spot {DS} at Target and the Dollar Store, so  you can inexpensively recreate the same look.

Now the goods.  We picked up When Harry Met Sally {a classic!} at Target for $4.75.  The Target Dollar Spot yielded a 3 pack box of Act II mini popcorn bags and the cute popcorn container for $1 each.  The Dollar Store had a wealth of 'movie candy' so our choices were endless.  We went with a bag of Jolly Ranchers, an 8 pack of mini Butterfingers, & Cookie Dough candy for $1 each.  That brings the Grand Total for the cute movie themed gift to a whopping $9.75!

To put it all together, I opened the bag of Jolly Ranchers and the box of Act II so that I could fit everything snuggly into the popcorn box.  I loaded a little tissue paper into the bottom of the box and gently fit everything into the box so that it could be seen & tucked When Harry Met Sally into the back.  You can wrap in cellophane if you'd like, give it as is with a bow, or pop it into a cute gift bag.

Other options for the movie lover that might be slightly more expensive?
Add in a movie rental giftcard instead of a dvd, a giftcard for a pizza or other takeaway dinner, & a bottle of soda... you can even give them Netflix for the number of months you'd like.

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Unknown said...

I love your gift ideas!

Stephanie said...

Such a fun, easy, and inexpensive gift idea! Thanks for sharing! I've made similar gift packs in the past, although I usually include a Blockbuster gift card instead of a DVD.


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