My fingers are broken from crafting and the flu.

08 December 2009
I'm still alive, I swear.  I'm just not entertaining, yet.

Last week I was swamped with prepping for a holiday bazaar.  I ended up doing pretty well between the decoupage frames and the ahem irreverent greeting cards.  I am half contemplating an etsy store, but I'm not sure yet.  My sister's whimsical drawings ended up being huge sellers, so YAY for Lyndsey!

Now for my mild diatribe to the bastards who decided to get the seasonal flu vaccine this year thus rendering my doc's office vaccine-less.  I know you punk asses thought by getting the seasonal vaccine for the first time ever was a smart move and it sure was, but for those of us who WANTED it, who get it every year, who were left woefully unprotected and got the flu for the first time in years... I say good day sir. 

That is all.  I promise to be back shortly or have someone fill in with an emergency guest post until my mojo returns and the bleach is dry on every surface of my house.

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Unknown said...

Oh no....I hope you are better soon!

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