Outdoor Movie Night :: Hotel Transylvania.

30 September 2013

Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 058

Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 046 Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 041

We wanted to get at least one more backyard movie night in before the weather turns cold.  Since fall is definitely in the air already, we asked everyone to bring a blanket and we bundled up to watch the movie Hotel Transylvania in the backyard.  It was a cute, non-scary monster movie that everyone could enjoy, perfect choice to put us all in the Halloween spirit.  

We brought out the Keurig and provided hot apple cider K-cups along with monster juice and eyeball water for the kids.  We filled a witches cauldron full of hard cider for the adults and thanks to your fantastic suggestions, had a few bottles for adding a shot to hot cider. 

I like to have a few themed choices in addition to movie candy and of course, popcorn.  This time we made white chocolate covered Candy Corn Oreos look like mummies.  Then we made chocolate covered Halloween Oreos with sea salt and with the leftover mummy white chocolate, I made glasses to add for the Invisible Man since that is all you see of him for most of the movie.  I used the same technique that I did with these cute spider web cupcake toppers, you make the design on waxed paper and then it peels right off and you can do what you’d like with them.   We also made some ‘scream cheese’ jalapeno poppers and scary spinach dip.


Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 014 Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 013

Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 024

Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 068 Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 084


Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 050

Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 062 Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 031 

Hotel Transylvania Outdoor Movie 091

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Sources: {contains Amazon Affiliate Links} 

  • Zombie Head boxes :: Bird Doodle
  • Gummy rats, vampire paper bags, pink pumpkin :: Target
  • Eyeball Lights :: super easy DIY on a strand of white lights with plain ping pong balls, Sharpie markers, and an Xacto knife
  • Screen :: two plain white king sized sheets hung on a fence
  • Projector :: similar 
  • Sound :: We use Dave’s old amp, you can also use computer speakers or wireless speakers


Just A Normal Mom said...

Looks super fun. I love your party themes and ideas!

Yostee said...

I want to be your neighbor!!!

Ashley said...

What a sweet party theme! Love the idea of backyard movie night, so fun. :)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That looks like so much fun!!!

Norman Garcia said...

Amazing job!

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