23 September 2013

Finnisms, the toothless edition.  Lost while eating toast.

michelle cell cedar point 041


Finn:  The windmill just broke.

Me:  That’s the windshield wiper and it’s not broken.

Finn:  It’s a windmill, trust me.


My dress went aloft again, this time in the parking lot of Fresh Market.

You should not wear dresses in the summer Mom.  Now, I think you’ve learned your lesson.  You need to check the weather forecast to see if it is windy first.


Midway through the Phantom Menace, his first Star Wars movie:

So mom… the same person who plays Grover, plays Yoda?


Finn: Tate!  In thirty years you'll be a parent.  Then you can say that.

Me:   Maybe you will be a parent.  Tate, will you be a mama?

Tate:  You mama and Mi - chelle.

Me:  That's right.  And maybe Finn, you'll want to be a dad in thirty years.

Finn:  I'll be a grandparent.

Me: In thirty years, you'll be my age Finn!  I hope you’re not a grandparent at my age!

Finn:  But, I'm older than her.

Me:  What started this conversation anyway?

Finn:  She told ME to calm down!  She's telling me what to do, but she's not the mom.


SnoopyMeg said...

Grover and yoda! Lol

Michelle Albright-Peters said...

Meg, they DO sound remarkably similar!

Just A Normal Mom said...

"Trust me" - don't you love how absolutely sure of themselves they are?

Kim Moore said...

I think it is weird to think of us (class of '94) being grandparents but there are a few of us out that are... I am starting to date a guy we graduated with and he has 4 grandkids (age 6 yrs, 3 yrs, 5 month old, and 3 month old) and I know of 2 others that have grandbabies... It is kind of scary really but reality.. I mean I have a 19 year old so grandparent could be a few years down the road.

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