I Definitely Need to Punctuate Something.

25 September 2013

Yesterday was National Punctuation Day.  I think it’s worth mentioning that I probably should have known this, but I didn’t.  {Thanks Sarah.}  I would have punctuated the hell out of something.

Tonight, I’m going to be on The Spill with Gigi Ross.  We’re talking about gender disappointment during pregnancy.  It’s one of those touchy subjects you don’t even want to admit to yourself let alone talking about it for the whole world to see.  Maybe you’ll relate? 

Just so you all know, I’m probably going to wear pajama pants and pretend that I am a professional.  Let’s just keep that between us, ok?  If you’ve ever wondered what I am like live and in person {hint: still a socially awkward giant freak… you will soon realize why I hide behind a laptop screen} hop over to the Google+ On Air Hangout at 9pm Eastern tonight!  And if you miss it, you can always check it out on YouTube later. 


Here is some great stuff elsewhere:

>>> This is the best Where the Wild Things Are party I have ever seen.  No joke, it is perfection, go see for yourself.

>>> A million years ago I wrote this post on how weird it is when people tell you that they read your blog.  AWK-ward.  My friend Emily posted about this very subject from a different perspective.  If you’re a blogger, how do you feel about it?  Do you want someone to say ‘hey, I read your blog’ or do you not want to know?

>>> DIY Chewbacca Costume.

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Bunny @ 86n It said...

Such a good topic! You know I was "disappointed" Franca was a girl until my friend pointed out that most 20 year old boys don't call their mom's on the phone all the time!

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