Cedar Point HalloWeekends For Families.

17 September 2013

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Cedar Point invited us to spend the day with them at the HalloWeekends opening weekend.  {Disclosure: Cedar Point provided the tickets + parking for this event, all of the fun having, travel costs, smiles and opinions are our own.}  The cooler weather, shorter lines, fun Halloween d├ęcor, and all kinds of spooky entertainment make fall my absolute favorite time of year to visit the park.

If you’re taking small children, I highly recommend going on Saturday when you’ll find all of the children’s areas and Trick or Treat with the Dinosaurs open.  We intended on going during the day and leaving the park when it got dark as the spooky haunted houses and scare zones were open, but we stayed way past bedtime.  We spent the earlier part of the day toward the back of the park and moved up front to Planet Snoopy, the Ferris Wheel, Antique Cars, Ocean Motion, and the Sky Ride after dark.  Cedar Point has done an excellent job of having loads of options for families.

Dave and I are going to try to sneak back without the kids on a Friday night to experience all of the haunted houses, scare zones, and Gate Keeper!  The scary areas looked really fantastic this year.  They are open every weekend through October. 

cedar point Halloweekends

cedar point 001 CP Halloweekends

Cedar Point Iron Dragon

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Cedar Point Candle Making cedar point 230

Raptor Cedar Point

Our favorite addition for kids this year is Trick or Treat with the Dinosaurs.  There were trick or treat stations set up throughout Dinosaurs Alive and some of the dinosaurs were dressed in silly costumes.  I want to high-five the Cedar Point genius in charge of this idea, everything was brilliant.  I absolutely LOVED that in addition to a few candy treats handed out by the costumed staff, they also gave out apples and mini pumpkins, Halloween cups, and little toys.  At the end, they also had hay bales and pumpkins and scarecrows set up so you could take fall photos… even if your children are punks who are WAY more interested in watching the animatronic T-Rex family and looking at mini pumpkins than smiling adorably for their mother.

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cedar point 157 cedar point 166

cedar point 168 Trick or Treat with the Dinosaurs

cedar point 151 cedar point 160

Halloweekends Decorations

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cedar point 328 cedar point 371

cedar point 385

I leave you with Finn’s interpretation of being ‘scared’ of the gargoyle looming in the background.

cedar point 359


Unknown said...

Love love love love!!! Can I come when you and Dave go!??

SnoopyMeg said...

So jealous, I love cedar point!

Yostee said...

Wow... I wish we lived closer!!! I mean, 5 hours isn't that bad, right?!?! I want to go back sooooo bad!!!!

Yostee said...

P.S. - a funnel cake sign but no cheese on a stick sign?!?!?!

Michelle said...

I know Erin! Dave didn't even get one this time!! I asked him like 5 times if he was sure. We always end the day with splitting a funnel cake.

Jackie said...

I remember this....but definitely the Friday night version. Oh to be young and stupid again.

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

This post took me back! I went to Cedar Point like every year growing up!!! Such great memories!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

So cute! I wish we were closer because I think we'd really like going there. Maybe someday!

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