Element 112.

12 September 2013


Dave and I had an excellent experience at Element 112 last month for our anniversary.  If you are local, I’d highly recommend it.  We’re already planning a trip back with friends to try the private tasting room later in the fall so we get to sample an entirely different season.  Chris Nixon has done a phenomenal job sourcing fresh, local ingredients, including butter made from his own cow.  He steps just across the parking lot to grab the freshest, in season produce at the Sylvania Farmer’s Market, so each week you’re getting a different experience. 

I don’t want to tell you too much because part of the fun is the dinner event itself.

Trust me when I say, Ohio has never tasted so good. 

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Just A Normal Mom said...

I love the creativity of flavors that you find in a restaurant that uses fresh, local ingredients. Seasonal is king and thing are always changing. Looks like you had a good one!

Janet said...

We are local and have been meaning to try! Thanks to your rave review, might be sooner rather than later!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That looks amazing!

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