About Us: Janet + Will, Married 9 Years.

14 August 2012

The Davester and I have the seven year itch. That’s right. SEVEN years of wedded bliss. {Total lie, marriage is hard work, yo.} While we’re celebrating our anniversary this week, I’ve asked some of my favorite bloggers and their husbands to share some words on marriage.

Janet is joy personified.  She blogs at This Confetti Life and before I {badly} describe how happy her blog makes me and why I love reading it, read her philosophy because that just sums it up better than anyone ever could.  Everything about it makes me smile from her crazy ass family to every one of the joyful things she does on a daily basis.


How many years have you been a couple & who liked whom first?

We met in October 1999, almost 13 years ago, in a Walmart. After a brief conversation on the film aisle, Janet left the store and immediately told her friends, “I’m going to marry that guy.”  A few weeks later, during our first kiss, there was an earthquake (seriously).  So, for Janet, it was love at first sight. For Will? It actually took the earth moving.

What has being married taught you?

So many things! Being married expands the world to twice its size. Vacations now include baseball games AND art museums, historical monuments AND dessert with every meal.  We’ve each been places we never would have chosen, tasted foods we never would have ordered, been to events we never would have signed up for, learned things we never would have known, all thanks to the other. And it’s not just experience--more importantly, love and joy and wonder are doubled when shared.

What is the most fun thing the two of you have ever done together?

Throwing our bags in the trunk of the car, driving to the airport, and boarding a plane for some new destination--we both love the giddy anticipation associated with departing for a big trip.

How do you resolve issues?  Do you ever go to bed angry?

Resolving issues has become much more simple the longer we’ve been married. When Janet gets mad, she puts Will on notice: “I’m not speaking to you for the next 10 minutes.” If she’s really mad, make it 20 minutes. It’s best not to go to bed angry, but if we ever do, we’re always sure to say “I love you” and kiss each other goodnight.

What is the secret to a happy marriage?

We are of the philosophy that happiness, including marital happiness is a choice, comprised of a series of small everyday choices. We choose to make waffles for breakfast on Sunday morning, hold hands in the theater, drink a bottle of wine on a Wednesday night, go on an evening run together, look for the best in the day. And in these small everyday choices, we’ve chosen a happy marriage.


Unknown said...

I love your answer to the last question. I'm a big believer in choosing happiness as well - sometimes it takes a lot of work and I'm still learning to choose it, but it always pays off.

Janet said...

Thank you so much for having us! Happy, happy Anniversary!

Jennie said...

I love the last answers too! So much.

Megan said...

The idea of choosing a happy marriage changed my entire life! I'm so glad to see people spreading the word about that. Yay for happiness and great philosophies!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Also, Janet, you're missing so much in the story of how you met Will. Did you trade numbers? How did you find him again?

We have found that emphasizing that we love each other, even when we're frustrated (and sometimes don't like the other person very much) is really important. We're in it for the long haul, and that's how you have to do it. Love is important.

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