2011 So Wonderful, So Marvelous Favorites

29 December 2011

January:  I Fired My Doctor.  Quite possibly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

February:  Apparently February was my dude because I have three for this month and I couldn’t decide.  When Pioneer Woman announced the gender of my babyQuit being a jerk to yourself.  AND my irrational fear of nasal irrigation.

March:  Pet Peeves.  I know you’re probably totally shocked, but my list is long.

April: Finn’s Gary Busey Hair.

PW 063002

May:  50 Things To Do With Kids in Toledo, Ohio.

June:  Baby Tate’s arrival in 7 pounds 10 ounces.  Everyone needs a Pink Ombre PedicureTexas, Y’all because my husband is a “Texan” and an idiot.

July:  Our Love Story.  It is not nearly as vomit inducing as it sounds.

August:  Our al fresco dinner with friends.  I can’t wait for warmer weather to repeat this.

September:  My bloggy date with the fabulous Meg of House Notes.  And the Scrabble Bridal Shower.


October:  Listen to your  wife or lose a thumb.  Dave strikes again.

November:  The Ball of Christmas

0132011-11-25 01.31.18

December:  Finn & Tate.


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Aww, what a great year! I had forgotten that you got the PW to announce Tate was gonna be a Tate. Awesome!

Yostee said...

I just went back and re-read every one of these!!! You seriously crack me up lady!!! I must say, one of my favorites you have ever written (and I have NO idea when it was) was the one about random people touching a pregnant belly. I wrote this long ass comment about people in the ER touching my belly after puking and so on and mysteriously, the next day it was gone. I remember thinking - this is one of the first comments I left this lady and I must have gone a bit overboard!!!

I have told you before and will repeat my self now - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BLOG!!! Don't ever stop or change the way you so freely write things. You truly put a smile on my face every day that you post something and I am so glad my daughter decided to have a Dr. Seuss birthday party and that google brought me to you!!!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year and you have much continued success being an awesome mom, wife & woman!! I have made it one of my secret goals for 2012 to meet you in person.... but don't call the cops, I never keep my resolutions or goals!! Bah hah hah!!!

Meg said...

I made it as a favorite?!! I am so honored! And I must say, the feeling is mutual. :)

Now we just need another one of your relatives to get married or me to get assigned a business trip so we can do it all over again!

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