Ombre Pedicure.

15 June 2011

In preparation for baby girl’s arrival, a pink ombre pedicure.


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It really is a shame I can’t see my toes.  {37 weeks, 1 day}



Anonymous said...

Loving the pedicure! Too cute :)


Amy said...

I'm obsessed with the pedicure!!!!
And, adorable belly.
She'll be here SOOOO soon :)

the cape on the corner said...

feet closeup! good thing i don't have any sort of phobia...i had a roommate who couldn't stand feet. her own feet, other feet, feet shaped anything. so of course i had to buy her anything feet shaped.

This Confetti Life said...

Love it!

deborah said...

love it!!!! though, if you keep your feet up, you can admire them:)

Two Normal Moms said...

Love the pink - and have to admit I've not seen that pedicure before but love it!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Love the pedicure!

chambanachik said...

So gorgeous! Now I want one. :)

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