Your Friends Will Do Lovely Things.

06 June 2011

And you will feel like an idiot.  An idiot who is really, really loved.

And then you will cry because you realize how loved you are and mostly because you are in fact, an idiot.

I had a conversation with my girlfriends a bit ago about second showers and about registering the second time around.  We don’t do that up here in the north.  I know it’s a regional thing and some of my southern girls are thinking we’re weird up here because, of course you have a second shower!

It all started because Babies R Us sent me a coupon in the mail that if you create a baby registry, you get a $10 gift card and since we’re buying a new swing and some other stuff I asked my girlfriends if it would be shady of me to ‘register’ knowing that I wasn’t having a shower.  I was planning on just registering a small amount and buying the stuff ourselves. 

The conversation continued that my sisters have been trying to convince me to let them throw me a “lunch” for some family and close friends and I told them absolutely not.  No way.  You just don’t do that!  Which, of course, I told my girlfriends.

Who were, completely unbeknownst to me planning a surprise shower sprinkle.  They were a little afraid I was going to be pissed.

See?  I am an idiot. 

And then right after that, my mom and I went shopping at the Carter’s outlet and I posted to Facebook that we had stocked up on pretty much everything we needed for her arrival and first few months.  At that point, they said they were thinking, “oh shit.”  I have no filter people.  None. 

They told me we were getting together to see Amanda’s new house. 

And I walked in and chatted for fifteen minutes still completely oblivious.  I hugged Danielle and she was a big giant belly toucher.  I asked Amanda for the grand tour.  Emily started making her famous party bread.  I slipped Lindsay a birthday card.

There was a cake, of course there was a cake, but that was for Lindsay’s birthday.  I had sent everyone an email saying that we should surprise her and get her a cake and Amanda promised she had it taken care of.


Chatting, chatting, more chatting, “Um surprise Michelle, this is your baby shower.”  And wait… what?  Are you kidding me?  What?  And tears.  Because I am incredibly hormonal and pregnant. 

I like being the planner, not the one who is surprised.    

And then I started looking around and things started clicking.  I’m going to blame pregnancy brain for the delay it took me to grasp what was going on.  The cute plates and cups, all of my very favorite party recipes right down to Lori’s bacon dip, the cute lanterns hanging over the kitchen island and the pile of pink gift bags.  Yes there was a cake, but there was also a Happy Birthday Lindsay cookie cake.  The cake was a special one made by my friend Stephanie. 

Dave took these pics just before the party, which he also knew about.  I had make up on, it was back into the cool 70s and I was finally feeling less like the Goodyear Blimp.  

35 weeks, 3 days.

016 014

And so, to my sweet girls…  No more surprises for me, deal?  But I love that you did it.  I love that I didn’t even have an inkling, you know I would have said hell no.  To the ringleaders, I’m glad there weren’t toilet paper belly measuring or games, just lots of laughter and craziness as there always is.  I love that you all were so wonderfully caring and sweet and that you’re welcoming baby girl with open arms into such a sisterhood.  You’re more than friends to me, you’ve been my daily support and sanity for years, but you already know that.  I feel really lucky.

Love you.


Meg said...

awwww! that is so, so, so sweet. and i love that you had no idea 15 mins in. :)

Amanda said...

I love you too! And you are right...more of a sprinkle than a shower. I am NOT into baby shower games and with 448 kids running around we didn't quite have that gaming atmosphere (thankfully). I am so happy we managed to surprise you and I am even happier that baby girl is on her way soon!

Tricia said...

So sweet! It sounds like you have been blessed with wonderful friends. You looked great for your "Sprinkle." Have a great week...

Just A Normal Mom said...

Very sweet friends! I love that you didn't realize. Beautiful cake! Wow, 35 weeks - time is ticking by!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful friends you have!

Noelle said...

Love you to. I'm so glad we pulled one over on you! I totally wanted to display a stack of toilet paper rolls and threaten to play guess the belly size (but of course not really play because I knew with that group of girls talking would be more than enough entertainment)

MommyLisa said...

Oh and you look GORGEOUS! very sweet.

Unknown said...

SO sweet! I love that your calling it a "sprinkle", so cute. And you looked great!

Home Sweet Sarah said...

Oh girl, I hear ya. I didn't want a shower and this was my first one. For the next one? OH HELL NO. However, there is a big difference between a lunch with friends and family and a full-on baby shower. Either way, though, no games should ever be allowed. Ever.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love a sprinkle for a second baby! People want to help you out and that's a great way to do it. We did the same for a girl at work and she was really touched. It's fun to have a reason for celebrations!

Anonymous said...

You look so good! Are you wearing spanx?!? Seriously, though, you look fabulous (even though you probably feel miserable!)
Kelly T

Jackie said...

I always miss all the cool stuff:( You look great Michelle! Can't wait to see you soon!

Sara said...

What a nice gesture from your friends! And a lovely way to welcome the new little one to the group.

Lisa said...

Awww, so sweet Michelle! You have very sweet friends. For the record, I was anti-second baby shower too. I felt selfish, especially because the baby was the same gender. But my SIL threw me one and it was small, but lovely. She put a lot of work into it.

I'm glad you enjoyed yours. You look great in the photos!! Love the gray. :)

Lori said...

So glad you were surprised! And woohoo, my bacon dip got a shout-out! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Can we have the recipe for Lori's Bacon Dip. I cant imagine what might be in it, but its called bacon dip, so I want it. :o)

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