24 June 2011

You all are probably sick of the Finnisms, but since most days they make me laugh my ass off I’m going to keep them coming.  Some day when he’s older, I hope he’ll go back through, laughing and reading.


Finn:  Mom, you wanna watch me fall from your bed?

Me:  NO! 

Finn:  Why, are you too busy?

Me:  No, I just don’t want you to get hurt Finna James!

Finn:  But I have this.  *Holds up his blanket.*  I’ll put it on my head and on my face and it will protect me.

Me:  I don’t think that is the way it works.

Finn:  Just watch.

Me:  Finn!

Finn:  *laughs, pretends to fall off the bed*   Ahhhhhhhh!  I did not hurt myself, I “tole” ya.  And on this one I’m even going to do gooder.


Finn:  Mom, who’s muscles are bigger… Hulk or mine?

Me:  I think yours are. 

Finn:  NO!  Hulk’s are!  Hulk got out of the silly putty because he is so strong!


{Dave was working from home.}

Dave: Hi *insert business associate’s name here* this is Dave at the Maumee office…

Finn:  {exaggeratedly LOUD “whisper” right behind Dave’s head} It’s Toleeeeeedo!

Dave: {attempting not to laugh and continue his message}


Me:  Finn, are you going to help me around the house today?  We have a lot to get done.

Finn:  Well, no.  First, I need to fight Venom and his brother.  They’re pretty tough and my Spider-senses are going off so it might take lots of hours.

Me:  You could fight the mess of toys in your room by cleaning them up.

Finn:  No.  But, I can play with my trains.


{Swimming at J & Amanda’s house with the cousins.}

Me:  Hey Myles, do you want me to hold your hand in the pool?

Myles:  No, I want Finn to hold my hand.

Finn:  I will hold his hand.

Me:  Finn isn’t big enough to hold you in the pool, My.

Myles:  He’s BIG!  He’s strong with big muscles!  {Putting his arms up like a muscle man.}


MommyLisa said...

Oh so CUTE! We are going to swim with cousins on Fourth of July at my Aunt's house. Boo Boo is so excited.

Laura said...

It's awesome that you keep track of these things he says! I used to do that for my kids and wish I was still on top of it because they say some FUNNY stuff.

Love this! Especially the "Toleeeeeedo" one! Ha!

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