01 June 2011

Finn:  Dad!  *Handing Dave the computer that is shutting down.*

Dave:  What did you do?

Finn:  Yeah, what the hell?

Dave:  Finn! 

Finn:  Sorry!


Finn:  Hey Mom, are you going to be sad when I go to college? 

Me:  Heck yes, I’m going to cry and say dooooon’t leave meeeeeee!

Finn:  But I will be home for dinner when I go to college.

Me:  Well, what if you decide to go to a college far away?

Finn:  I’m going to go to college by Abuelos {his favorite Mexican restaurant}

Me:  You are?

Finn:  Well maybe.  Some colleges are far away though.  You can miss me.

{By the way it should be noted, we’re not drilling college into the four year old’s head, he’s just obsessed with the thought of college because Andy goes to college in Toy Story 3 and his Aunt Elise just came home from college for the summer.}


Finn:  Hey Mom, um I built this house {out of Lego Duplos} for these people whose house got ruined from the rain.  {Note to self: Quit letting Finn watch the news.}

Me:  Oh that is really nice Finn.  I love the flowers out front too.

Finn:  Yeah.  The red guy is Peter, the green guy is Uncle Ben, and the orange one is ummm Aunt Mae. 

Me:  So, you built a house for Spiderman?

Finn:  NO!  Peter and Aunt Mae, Uncle Ben is gone now!


{Playing barista & cashier… just like the real Starbucks.}

Finn:  Well, we ran out of coffee today. 

Me:  Hmmm….

Finn:  So, you could only have kids junior vanilla milk {which happens to be his favorite} or apple juice.  I think you might like chocolate milk.  Do you like chocolate milk?

Me:  Well, I really like coffee.

Finn:  But we’re out of coffee, so decide.  You can have two-five drinks.

{Running out of the room.}

Finn: So, here is your chocolate milk.  You will like it. 

Me:  I really wanted a coffee this morning. 

Finn:  Just drink it.  Do you want your coffee card back because it’s in the cash register?  Oh, and I found some coffee too when I made your chocolate milk.


{Dave and I were having a discussion about work issues.}

Me:  Honey, the issue is that they aren’t making any strategic decisions.

Dave:  Oh, I know it’s purely reactionary.

Me:  Maybe you should say something in front of the president {meaning of the company} or anyone else who can actually make those decisions?

Finn:  Yeah, Dad.  You need to call Barack Obama. 


Jennifer said...

Love that he knew to apologize for the swearing! Hilarious boy!

Stephanie said...

Finn is full of LOLs.

Noelle said...

love him!

Emily said...

That kid cracks me up.

tiffany said...

Smart little boy - hilarious!

MommyLisa said...

Yeah Dad, you need to call Barack Obama! That is awesome.

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Finnisms are some of my favorite posts! Adorable.

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