Cars 2, I Think We’ve Done It.

21 June 2011

And it only cost us $28.

Finn’s obsession with Spiderman has been less than fun.  Mostly because people don’t understand when a four year old whispers under his breath, “reptiles must be freeeeee,” in a creepy low talker voice. 

Nor do they understand being shot at with “web” upon meeting him. 

Or that we’ve had complete tantrum filled meltdowns over the Spidey costume.  He only wants Spiderman underwear, on a good day Hulk or Captain America or the Thing will suffice.  I have to coax him into wearing one of his non-Spiderman t-shirts on a daily basis.  They conveniently “need to be washed” a lot in our house. 

Spidey in all of his many… so. VERY. MANY. plastic forms comes with us everywhere.  Everywhere, people!  Do you know what it is like to hear “spectacular, spectacular SPIDERMAN,” being sung 700 times a day?


Someone please remind me of this when I am bitching about stepping on Barbie shoes four years from now.

But Spidey, he’s sort of taken a bit of a backseat lately.  Sure, there is a renewed interest in Scooby Doo thanks to Dave’s mom buying Finn several of those books, but even old episodes on Netflix and Scooby Snacks aren’t enough to pull him away from the lure of the red and blue. 

What then has the gumption to pull him from the very claws of Venom, Black Cat, Spiderman, Sandman, and the Reptile? 

Finn McMissile. 


And DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN I will not even complain that you have to pay a premium for Pixar shit because the sounds in my house are no longer filled with evil laughter and disdain at the thought of Mary Jane being Spiderman’s girlfriend ewwww

Cars 2 is out this Friday, June 24.  Along with old favorites like Lightening and Mater, there are several new characters namely Finn McMissile, a badass British intelligence agent and his hottie partner, Holly Shiftwell.  Ahem.


My Finn?  He is beside himself.  We’ve been watching each new trailer as it comes out on the official Cars 2 site, he tells strangers about the new characters, we’ve gone and gotten the talking Finn McMissile car with the light up headlights along with Holly Shiftwell and a few old favorites that we didn’t have yet.  Believe me, I didn’t think it was possible, but we apparently didn’t have Guido or Luigi or Red. 

Spidey, who?

Money well spent my friends.  Well spent.

He doesn’t even know about the present from his baby sister yet… all of the bad guys.



Are you going to be lining up to see Cars 2?  What are the obsessions in your house lately?


Tricia said...

I'm happy to hear that your son has found a new passion. My son is turning six next week so I can totally relate to the obsessive nature of the preschool boy. Connor's current love is Star Wars and I can't tell you how sick I am of all things SW. Light sabers, blasters, battle droids--barf. Today, on the way to school, he asked me how much longer it will be before "real people" use laser weapons rather than traditional guns. Hmmm...In my professional opinion, I have no idea!

deborah said...

i sort of want to go back to those days--when thomas the tank engine and buzz lightyear were all my boys cared about. now, one is very interested in....girls, like real-life girls. and the girls are way too interested in him, in my opinion. he's crowding 17, so it's normal. enjoy the spide-y days. (btw, i would totally love to be webbed by a little guy these days) :)

Yostee said...

My 4 year old is obsessed with Spongebob. I despise Spongebob Squarepants. I did an incredible job of keeping spongebob away from her viewing pleasure for quite some time, but then one night when I was at work, her dad just needed to put something on TV to get a few things done and that's what he chose!!! Ahhhh!!! In my teenage years, I worked at a toy store and remember a mom walking in with her preschool age child and as she was paying saying, "I hate that Spongebob Square Fucker!" I know know EXACTLY what she was talking about!!! HA HA. She is really excited to go see the new Cars movie though - so I am hoping we can go back to the days of watching the original Cars DVD over and over again. It's even something my 20 month old will pay bits of attention to. I love that movie and even went to see it in theaters before the kids were born, so I hope this one doesn't disappoint. From what I have seen, it's sure to be a hit!!! I hope you and Finn enjoy it!!!!

belles♥mom said...

I am so glad he is getting so excited about Cars 2, Miss Annie has no idea it's even coming out soon (thank you DVR fast forward). As far as what she's obsessed with it still is Princesses, Princess dolls, Princess wands, Princess dresses, etc. She won't even talk to me half the time if I don't address her by the correct princess name hahah. It's all still really cute though, I can't even tell you how many people have told me that this was their favorite age for their children and I can completely see why, she's so much fun!
For the record Barbie shoes are not nearly as bad as the brushes & crowns when you step on them (ouch). Another tip: super glue the damn shoes on so your not replacing/searching for them all day long!!! hahaha

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That's awesome - I can't to see Cars 2.

Yostee said...

Did you get to go see it?!?! We took my daughter.... she had a blast! Hope you got to see it and Finn was in awe over all his new Cars friends!!!

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