Happy Happy 21st Elise.

19 December 2011

Today, my baby sister is 21 years old.  I am not sure where the time went, but it seems like yesterday my 15 year old self was throwing an epic fit about the fact that there would be a new brother or sister to share our family with. 

Or something. 

I mean, I’d like to say that I was all ecstatic that she was coming, but that would be a total and utter lie.

057 061

And then she got here.  I’ve been pretty much a goner ever since.

063 069

Lyndsey used to pay her a penny to drink pickle juice.  We bought her first pair of itsy bitsy Guess jeans at Lion Store.  We taught her bad stuff.  We were her champions and made fun of my dad when he gave her the ‘delicate flower’ cringe-worthy talk about puberty that no one wants to get from their dad.  Then we told her how it really was.  We tease her constantly about almost getting arrested, the time that she got her shoe stolen in the library, and are there for an honest {or too honest} opinion when she needs it.  We’ve laughed with her, cried with her, and tried to be the best big sisters we can be.

075 083

She is lovely.  And fucking hilarious.  She is a leader.  {And I never thought I’d be able to say that.}  She has come into her own being away at school.  She is unbelievably gorgeous.  And just as nice on the inside as the out.  Mostly.

She is 21.



Happy Birthday Lisey.  We love you.

Oh… and her gifts?  This.

 elise 21st 002 elise 21st 003 

elise 21st 006 elise 21st 013

{Ann Marie, you are a rockstar!}


Just A Normal Mom said...

So sweet. Is that a card or a scrap book? You are so darn creative - it's awesome!

Michelle said...

It's a shot book. {I think it's a sorority thing... her DZ sisters put it together and asked Lyndsey, Rachael and me to do a few pages.}

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Aww, what a great post! Happy birthday to her!

SnoopyMeg said...

where did u get it? I must know!!!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your baby sister;) love the little book, so cute!

Elise said...

HOW am I just seeing this?! Cried and cried of course. Why were you and I the only ones that got the sappy genes? I love this and I love you!!! PS. The shot book may be a sorority thing but you all rocked it like no other.

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