I Love Thai Food.

06 July 2011

When Dave and I started dating, I was a gigantic commitment-phobe.  I wouldn’t have even really called it dating.  I mean we were hanging out and having fun.  He was way more into me than I was into him and we both knew this. 

Sex?  Sure. 

Spend the night?  Ahhhh… no thanks.

I thought he was too nice.  He opened my car doors.  He liked my family.  He owned a suit and took me for sushi.

One night after we had been seeing each other steadily for a few months, we were on our way to get dinner.  I don’t even really remember the context of the conversation we were having anymore, but just as he was getting out of the car, I blurted out, “I love you.”

Sheer panic set in immediately.

And then, I instantaneously thought, “What the fuck did I just say?  That did NOT just come out of my mouth.  WHY???  Why would I say that?” 

Not because I didn’t mean it.  Even in all my denial about him definitely NOT being “the one,” at that point we were both stupid for each other .  It was flat out shock.  WHO does that?  Certainly not me.  Not ever.  No way.

Maybe he didn’t hear me.

He was half out of the car when I said it and paused for half a sec, then leaned down to smile at me and asked me to repeat myself.

So I said the first thing that popped into my head, “I love Thai food.”

He responded with, “I thought so.”  

Then, he made fun of me the rest of the night and I sat mortified trying to explain it away.  I can’t be in love.  This isn’t love.  No, no, no, noooo way.

But you all know it was.  It is. 

He stands by my side and is proud of my accomplishments.  He holds my hand through the tough stuff and celebrates the amazing stuff.  He is the man I get to make cute babies with only now, he’s legally obligated to spend the night.  And every day, he is the person I wake up next to.  And argue politics with.  And make fun of and laugh with.  He is the hardest working man I have ever met.  He is a present father and strong role model.  He willingly and daily puts in half the work it takes to make our marriage a success. 

I get to be absolutely stupid for this man for the rest of my days.


And all because one night I blurted out, “I love Thai food.”

What is your love story?



Samantha said...

That is such an awesomely sweet story! Awww!

MommyLisa said...

Seriously? You put that in your ring? I love that. Such a great story...

You know I was the EXACT same with T-bone. He like GAVE ME A KEY to his apartment and I FREAKED out...we had not even had sex yet. It was like WAAAAY tooo FAAAAST. Then like a week later I said that we should get married. And so we did.

Emily said...

I don't think I've heard that story before. How sweet!

Bridget said...

I love both of your thai food! :D Can't believe I never heard this one. I've heard the puking one a lot!

Unknown said...

Agh! Making me cry this early in the day...Michelle, you are horrible.

Ours isn't nearly as cute as yours. It was New Year's Eve 2007, we were lying mostly drunk (and fully clothed) on his bed and he said, "You know I love you, right?" and I said, "Yes." I didn't say it back; he was the commitment-phobe, so I didn't want to freak him out. Yeah, I played games to catch him. ;-)

Meg said...

ok, thank you for that. it totally made me laugh out loud. that is pretty much the cutest story ever :-0

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Dude. I commented it and google on my phone ate it. I think it was trying to save me the embarrassment of admitting that I was crying. So sweet.

Dave said...

Aw... I love Thai food too.

Mommara said...

This honestly brought tears to my eyes. So sweet and funny.

Unknown said...

I seriously never knew this!! Sami and I were sitting here reading this and blurted out laughing lol Love it:)

Lorie said...

I love Thai food! I love it! Such a great story!

Alexis said...

Love it!

thegirlhassparke said...

Such a sweet story! I have been with my boyfriend for five years ago, we were born three days apart in the same hospital and were kept in the same room, ever since fate has made sure our lives crossed paths until we figured hey its meant to be!

Just A Normal Mom said...

OMG it's on the ring! THAT is so amazingly sweet, romantic and cool!

Noelle said...

What a sweet story!

erika said...

That's gotta be the coolest ring inscription ever. :)

C Barnes said...

Aww Michelle, I'm crying and laughing at the same time. What a beautiful story and luckily, an even more beautiful relationship.

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