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19 July 2011

Acting Adult

I hate starting a post. Do you remember when you were in middle school and had to write an essay? And you opened the Microsoft Word on your computer and just stared at it. Somehow, the blank expanse of computer screen was so intimidating. A blank piece of paper on my desk during a test did the same thing. Complete and utter FEAR. That's what it's like when I started this guest post for Michelle. I honestly didn't know what I was going to write about. Then I went to the dentist. I think I do my best thinking during those looooong sessions in the dental hygienist's chair.

Now, I do take care of myself. Dentist every six month, doctor every year for a check up in all the ways you're supposed to. We're lucky to have health insurance, so I take advantage of it and keep myself healthy. I'm the only bread winner as a law school spouse, after all.

But being that busy spouse, I haven't had time to get to the dentist recently. And when I went the other day, I definitely paid for it.

While in the dentist's chair, trying to have a conversation about the Bachelorette premiere with my mouth wide open, ahh-ing and ooo-ing at the appropriate moments, it happened.

I was chastised for not flossing enough.

I don't FLOSS enough?!


Oh my. I felt HORRIBLE. Embarrassed. ASHAMED.

I don't floss enough.

I must be a terrible person.

Oh dear...

Maybe someone in the next chair over heard that I didn't floss enough.

I really hope they didn't...

Because that would not be good...

They'll know I'm a horrible person who doesn't like to put a ridiculously skinny piece of string in between each of my teeth every single day of my life...
Ok, that's kind of ridiculous. I appreciate that I should take better care of my gums. They are the only ones I'm going to get. But why did I feel so bad when she told me that? Aren't I paying her to clean me up and send me on my way? Isn't it kind of a service industry where she should make me feel better about myself, like giving me vanity sizing like my stylist does?

I'm lying, I don't have a stylist. And I know the hygienist is just there to keep me healthy.

But does she have to make me feel so bad? I didn't even have a cavity. Shouldn't that count for something?

Does anyone else ever feel chastised by our health providers? I feel like I should start a help group for people like us. It would help me at least.


Jess is a twenty-something actress, law school spouse, Disney LOVAH, and she does crazy shit like clean out her closets for no good reason, which is why we are friends.  She entertains daily at Acting Adult not to be confused with Adult Acting, she is not THAT kind of girl.  Pop over and pay her a visit! 


Jen said...

When I was in my late teens/early 20s my OB told me to watch my weight, he didn't want me to get fat. BECAUSE I GAINED 6 POUNDS IN A YEAR! I switched doctors.

Meghan said...

If I use Listerine, they can't tell I haven't been flossing as much as I should. How do I know? Because just like EVERYONE I don't floss as regularly as I should either.

Congrats on the no cavities and thanks for the reminder that I probably need to schedule a dentist appointment too.

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