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20 July 2011

Well hello there.  I would be blogging but, I’m being lazy, hot, sleep deprived, my family is in town from California & Chicago, I’m reading The Help and we’ve been trying to track down a casement window air conditioner for my Meme. 

In the middle of a record heat wave. 

Yeah, we’re not having any luck in town so we’re going to have to order it… just in time to not be in a record heat wave.

So that’s why I’m not really blogging today.  Instead, I’m sending you to all the fun places that you should be visiting since um I am a slack ass lazy blogger.  These people have real posts for you to read and everything. 

So tomorrow, you get another awesome guest post and Friday I promise to be back with something more than nothing.  Maybe a baby pic or twelve and for sure more talk from me.  Hope you’re having a great week!

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Thanks for the links! The story about breastfeeding was crazy. Why are people so weird about that?

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