You Take The Good, You Take The Bad

13 June 2011

You take them both and there you have, no… not the Facts of Life, but I totally wanted to be on that show.  I loved that show.

The weekend.

The Good.

I had the best pre-natal massage ever on Friday night and for the first time in a month, when I stood up, I could actually get my legs working.  It was unreal and made me question my sanity for not having one monthly through my entire pregnancy.  THAT would have been a smart idea.  Shannon, in a word is, Ah-mazing.  So, my local peeps she is a massage therapist with magic hands and I will give you her info if you want it.  The only thing that isn’t amazing is that she is so good that it’s sometimes hard to get an appointment, nothing in the next two weeks which means I am sitting on {the top of} a waiting list hoping to get a call that she can fit me in once more before the baby makes her appearance.

Your questions for the Q&A post, not to be confused with T&A post.   I have gotten some really amusing emails and some good questions!  If you have a burning question, get it in!  Email sowonderfulsomarvelous {at} gmail or leave a comment.

Summer ice cream.  We have this neighborhood ice cream shop that happens to be within walking distance of our house and it’s trouble.  Not that I’m walking, oh no… I’m fully playing the 8.5 months pregnant card and Dave usually brings it home to enjoy.  He is however developing a complex that the 16 year olds that work there are going to think he’s eating 2.5 {two smalls and a junior for Finn} ice creams a night and know his name.  My ice cream of choice?  Hot fudge with extra extra extra peanuts.  And yes on the whipped cream.  Dave has just started saying, “I need a pregnancy amount of nuts on this sundae.”


Temps are once again back down to non-boob sweating weather.  We are talking not more than 80 degrees for the next 7 days.  I actually wore jeans!  Oh HAPPY day!  This means that fingers and toes aren’t swollen, the windows are open, a fresh breeze blowing through, and all is right with the world again.

I am SO excited at the lineup of bloggers I have helping me out on my maternity leave.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will find so many new fabulous girls to follow, I promise.  The plan is that I will be posting twice a week and have two guest posts a week.  I hope you love them as much as I do.

Our tea roses are so full and heavy that they are dripping onto the ground.  It smells like summer the moment I walk outside.


Nesting.  People, my house is getting to Joan Crawford level clean, my mother would be so proud.  We’re talking every piece of laundry in the house totally done and put away, lawn mowed {I only did 50% this time} & plants re-potted into fun brightly colored pots from Target, four big boxes to Goodwill, a giant box of books to our friend’s second hand bookstore, and a kitchen floor you could eat off.  We are tackling one thing at a time on my insane ‘to do’ list. 

015 017

We also figured out that indeed we still have a year and a half left until our infant car seat expires, which means we don’t have to buy a new one!

The Bad.

While the house is getting there, it seems like the ‘to do’ list keeps growing… and growing… and growing some more.  Granted, we just survived two months of construction dust and mess and being totally uprooted, but come on!  There has to be an end in sight, isn’t there?  Do you ever feel like you work all weekend and it seems like just a small dent has been made?  Because Dave and I both are feeling it this fine Monday morning.  Here is a teeny tiny sneak peek of the bedroom re-do that is taking forever.  I keep reminding myself to slow down, it’ll happen and I don’t want to rush it just to be done.

026 024

Insomnia.  So through the magic of blogging you’re catching up with me on Monday morning, but shhh…. it’s currently 3:32 am while I’m babbling away to you.  Dave has been sleeping for oh, four hours now.  Where am I?  Exhausted and sleep deprived.  I’ve been avoiding taking anything lately, but I think one good night of Tylenol PM and a nine o’clock bedtime will hopefully get me back on track.

Contractions.  I’ve been having them on and off for the last few weeks and let me tell you.  There is nothing that stops you in your tracks whether in the middle of an aisle at Target or in the middle of cleaning your kitchen than a contraction.  Dear Lord above, a little warning would be great before I am rendered totally speechless and hanging over the edge of a cart in the Anderson’s until it passes.  If you all run into me and I’m wincing and looking like someone is squeezing my insides please just look away.  LOOK AWAY!

Spill it.  How was your weekend?  What was the good & the bad?



MommyLisa said...

Good & Bad - but you are CORRECT on never feeling done. We still have touchups and staining on our living/dining/upstairs hall redo. This weekend we finally got our artwork back up so it looks like we live here. :P The bad was a funeral on Saturday instead of bloody mary's with my neighbor as planned. It was my grandmother's 98 year old boyfriend and somehow I managed to get stressed out (by my brother who ASSUMED I would drive my car that is six years older than his TWO HOURS to the funeral - and I did because he just jumped out of his car for us to go - and by my uncle who insists on mentioning the absence of my husband each time, but NOT my SIL. Blah)

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Good & Bad: I closed my buildings today which means no crazy students or parents anymore, it also meant lots of crazy facilities and cleaning issues and one "homeless" student. blech.

Really good: heading out of town to recharge and network. woohoo!

Amy said...

Thanks for your comment!
My good - went camping and 4wheeling, the weather was gorgeous and it was good to go with new friends.
My bad - massive sunburn (thanks a lot SPF 35) and I'm allergic to aloe.
Love your blog! Can't find where to follow you though...

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

My weekend was definitely boring compared to contractions in Target. Dinner with the in-laws, outdoor Shakespeare with friends, cleaning and decluttering the pantry and Latin Mass with the in-laws on Sunday before my mother and brother came into town.

Would you be surprised to know that that was a slow weekend for us?

Simplegirl said...

Thank you for the comment! I had a great and quiet weekend with the family, the bad, I wish we had a real pool.

Dawn said...

Do you ever feel like you work all weekend and it seems like just a small dent has been made? oh my gosh, yes, all the time!!!

good-my daughter won her first soccer playoff game and her team played awesome in both games and my parents came up so we didn't have to take the little ones to the game, also saw my sister and her family on Saturday night and she made me dinner!! complete with dessert!!

bad-my daughter lost her second game in an overtime shoot out, so tough, and we had lots of rain which doesn't help with clean up

good luck w/ the contractions-drink lots of water-that used to help me.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I like this "The Good" and "The Bad" post! To me, there is nothing better than ice cream in the summertime! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Just A Normal Mom said...

The roses look beautiful and I love the bright pots! I feel like I need to take a week off just to clean my house. Forever running behind on what I want to get done. Your clean house sounds dreamy to me right now!

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