24 Hours of Urine and Other Things I Shouldn’t Share on the Internet.

16 June 2011

I had my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, 37 weeks and 1 day.  The countdown to her arrival now stands at a week and a half away.

Here I am.  I get that I look like I am ready to pop any moment, but thanks for pointing it out random stranger. 

And then there is Finn pretending that he has “baby poop” on his hands while playing in his sand and water table.

We’re warped over here… just look what we do to our offspring.  We clearly should be doing this again, right?

053 005

Tuesday morning, I wake up excited to start the day.  The weather is amazing.  I’ve had a good night’s sleep.  Finn is being awesome.  I have my OB appointment.  I have lunch plans with my friend Jordan.  I have a 90 minute relaxation pedicure scheduled with my friend Stephanie. 

It is going to be a great day.

I’m sharing all this with the prep nurse at my OB’s office.  She tells me I only gained half a pound this week.  This day keeps getting more awesome!

Then she takes my blood pressure.  And it’s high. 

Super high. 

But I feel fine!  It is a great day damn it!  She re-takes it and something screwy is going on with the cuff, so she goes to get another one.  Still high.  I should say too that my BP is always on the low end of perfect, so this was super abnormal for me.  I could tell by the look on her face that something was not good.

“Michelle, you need to lay down right now on your left side, do not get up from this table,” she gets a pillow out for me.  It’s also awesome because I am already naked from the waist down to be checked for dilation and Finn keeps asking me why I’m covered with a paper towel.


I lay there for 30 minutes, texting Dave.  Trying not to have a panic attack.

The doctor comes in, explains that I will be going to get a biophysical profile on the baby immediately and the midwife was coming in to take my BP.  If the bottom number was still over 90 I would be going directly to the hospital after the profile, so I would need to call someone to come get Finn. 

Um, ok?  Like that information wasn’t going to send my BP through the roof.

If the number is under 90, I was going to have a ton of bloodwork and pee into a jug for 24 hours straight.  I would need to be laying on my left side for as much of the day as I could deal with.  No stress.  Back in the office on Friday.  Also sounds like an intriguing and fun option, right?

Guess what I’ve discovered? Pee is the lesser of two evils.

  1. Collecting urine for 24 hours is not fun.  Especially in the middle of the night when you’re attempting to be half awake so you can fall back asleep and not stay up for 2 hours.  Let me tell you that didn’t work.
  2. Collecting urine gives you a complex that you indeed are not producing enough and OMG, WHY would they give me TWO jugs when I can’t even fill half a one?  Do people REALLY pee that much?
  3. Taking a giant biohazard bag anywhere will guarantee that people will look at you like a maniac and wondering what is in that bright orange jug you’re carting around.
  4. I really need to stop oversharing my tales of pee on the internet.  You people are going to stop reading aren’t you?


004 003

And now, Dave won’t leave me alone.  Again

So uh, send good thoughts, won’t you?


Emily said...

Man, you must be really unlucky. My OB never made me collect a jug of pee when my BP spiked. They really don't like it when your bottom number is over 90. I think I was around 93-94 both of the times I was induced.

deborah said...

i'll keep reading--and wait on pins and needles for the update on your first poop, after baby. yeah, i'm sick like that, too. hoping everything here on out goes nice and easy.

deborah said...

btw, love the look on dave's face. i've seen that look before, i know it well. it says, "seriously, i'm not playin'."

Samantha said...

My heart dropped when I read that your blood pressure was up! OMG! I'll be reading so that I can read all your good results from the peeing in a jug. Ten day countdown time? Awesome!

Unknown said...

Oh, my gosh, Michelle. I know that this isn't really funny but I cannot stop laughing, especially at the look on Dave's face. And the 'baby poop'. Major LOLs over here.

Tricia said...

I'm sorry that you had such a rough go of things the other day and I really hope that your doctor's visit today brings great news!
Take care of yourself!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Sending positive thoughts that everything is just fine! Really, that orange jug is all kinds of awesome. You carry that thing around in a that giant biohazard bag and NO ONE will be touching your belly! See, an UP side! :)

Seriously - good thoughts coming your way!


the cape on the corner said...

i hope you have a very uneventful next week, and everything goes along smoothly. you look less than thrilled in your photo, and so does dave...actually, finn and his poopy hands seem to be having the most fun.

Meg said...

Sending straight-up assloads of good thoughts to you. And I'm kind of dying over Finn's "poop" hands.

MommyLisa said...

AAHHHHH! I love the baby poop and The Davester's face too but be well Mama!

Misty said...

Popping over from missmultitasker...only been reading a few days and this post made me chuckle, not because you are going through this but the pee collecting:) I am hoping that everything goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you had to collect urine, but it reminds me of a time my husband had to collect his urine for 24 hours. Long story short, he decided to go drinking with some buddies before he started collecting, and ended up too dehydrated. We had to start all over again.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That's kind of scary. I hope that your pee turns out fine and that they'll clear you for normal activity again. Good thoughts coming your way!

Stacy Kaye said...

Oh my! I hope it turned out ok. I will be waiting to hear. I saw a posting that baby was staying put until Monday so I am guessing that means it is ok??

Stacy Kaye said...

P.S. I really love the picture you took of yourself in the mirror. I KNOW you don't feel it, because I very much remember that recent stage, but I think you look beautiful!

lo said...

Omg I can't imagine going OUT with that jug- you are BRAVE. Relax this week and take it easy!!

Katie Olthoff said...

Good luck!!! Did you still get your pedicure?

Meghan said...

Ahh! I hope things are getting better! You look adorable, mama! So excited to read about the arrival of your little one!

Bridget said...

We'll be thinking of you -- let us know if you need immediate childcare or anything. We're back in town.

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