Valentine M&M Cookies

13 February 2011


We decided to make these chocolate chip m&m cookies for Valentine’s Day.  The thought of giant whoopie pie sized cookies for little mouths didn’t seem like a good idea so we made ours in mini muffin sized pans.  It made exactly 6 dozen {2-3 bites sized} cookies.  The only changes I made to the recipe were to add a full tablespoon of vanilla to the batter and I added a bag of mini chocolate chips right there at the end and just barely mixed them in.  I filled the mini muffin tins with the chocolate chip dough and Finn counted out m&m’s to add to the top of each before baking.  This was a great counting project and the cookies {baked for approximately 7-8 minutes} turned out perfectly.




Meg said...

drooling. and the mini muffin tin idea is genius.

Missy said...

These look and sound so good!!!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Love the muffin tin idea!

Love From The Oven said...

Those turned out great! They look darling - the mini muffin pans worked great!

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