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18 February 2011

I am half way through this pregnancy and it doesn’t even seem possible that twenty weeks have passed.  We are so excited to meet this little person who has been flipping and flopping and kicking the hell out of my insides lately.  After almost a year of fertility treatments I can’t tell you how fabulous that feeling is.  You know what else is fabulous?  Having amazing fingernails & the second trimester sex dreams.  Woo hoo!  The big ultrasound is on Monday.  Place your bets.

So Wonderful, So Marvelous is in need of a little blog makeover.  I want to find a visually creative designer, I want to stay on Blogger for at least the next six to eight months so they have to be able to accommodate that, and I definitely am not interested in having a typical mommy blog layout.  I have been looking for the last two months, it is proving much more difficult to find someone than I had anticipated.  If you have a recommendation, please shoot me an email or leave a comment.

I was able to have lunch with one of my BFFs this week.  When all three are out of town it makes these moments few & far between.  It makes me feel like I don’t even need to say a word, she just gets me, she’s lovely to Finn, and the laughter and the conversation flows freely.  She just got back from a MONTH in Paris and Italy.  Oh to be able to do that right now sounds absolutely heavenly, doesn’t it?  If you could travel overseas for a month, where would you go?

I have the itch for something creative.  I would love to re-do the dining room or the living room right now, but I don’t think the Davester is enthusiastic about that plan as I am.  I’m pretty sure it’s because aside from having ‘the plan’ there isn’t a whole lot I can do to help make it a reality so painting would fall in his lap.  Someone {ahem Dave} doing all the work kind of reminds me that I still haven’t posted the after photos of our bathroom remodel a year ago.  I should probably get on that this weekend.

Oh lookie up there… the RECIPE tab is back and functioning, so take a little visit and make something yummy.

Now I’m going to get out and enjoy some more of this unseasonably warm weather & enjoy the snow melting before it turns freezing again this weekend.  Happy Friday, hope you have a great one!


Unknown said...

I say a girl! Everyone else gets a boy and a girl except me. So exciting.....i love hearing baby news;)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Have an awesome weekend in this faux spring weather!

MommyLisa said...

So what you are saying is you don't want "cutesy"?? Who has a blog design you like? You should ask them where they got theirs...

I like the ladies who did my blog Smitten Blog Design. They can be on the slower side sometimes, but they are CHEAP for what you get.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Second semester sex dreams? I was ripped off!! ;-) The first half of my second semester I was still puking up everything that went down. The second half was spent in hormonal depression, crying endlessly. Sigh. That's okay, it was all worth it for a healthy baby! Off to check out recipes - I need some new inspiration!

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