Oooooh the Pressure… Of a Name.

28 February 2011

It took us forty one weeks and FOUR days to name Finnegan.  As in, four days after he arrived, four days of the birth certificate lady stopping by our hospital room gently reminding us that we could not leave the premises without a name for our child.  {And can anyone verify this because someone recently told me you CAN leave the hospital without a name on the birth certificate, of course if we had known this Finn might still not have a name.}  My aunt and uncle actually pulled out the phone book to start giving us name suggestions.  My mother was mortified that her first grandchild didn’t have a name.

“Yes, TEN pounds TWELVE ounces!  Um, no he doesn’t have a name yet.” 

Everyone thought WE were nuts until my cousin saved us… by using popular vote to name their baby.  Twice.  And they are pregnant again, due three weeks before us.  So there will be a third boy for their family, and likely a third popular vote.  By the way, if you have some fabulous boy names, they are taking suggestions.  Really.

Dave and I figure that this time, we’ll be proactive.  We’re going to start talking about names and we’ll have a short list!  Well… technically we had a short list with Finn too, except we didn’t end up with anything on our short list.  Finn was supposed to be his middle name. 

Proactive this time though!  We’ll have some concrete ideas!  Yes, that is just what we’ll do!

This time though my short list?  It’s VERY short.  As in only ONE name I can see for our baby.  Sure, sure there are others that I like, but only one that I love.  Nothing else even comes close.  Not even remotely close which is weird because I’m a believer in waiting to see the baby and making sure it fits.


And Dave loved it at first.  Then hated it.  But now, I think it’s growing on him again because he calls her that.  And so does Finn.

What do you do in cases like this?  We are in full agreement that no one else gets a real opinion on what we actually name her, but what if the parents’ opinions differ?


Oooooh the pressure!  Of a name…

I’ve got it!  Cinda-fucking-rella.

{PS. If you name that movie, you can be my favorite commenter of the day!}


Speaking of commenters… the WINNER of PW’s book is #9 Rachel!  Send me an email with your address Rachel and congrats!!!

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Katie said...

We've had a boys name picked out for 7 (almost 8) years. Yes, we are crazy. BUT, if we ever have a boy, we both fell in love with my husband's best friend's name....and we haven't changed our mind in almost 8 years, so that has to say something! Even when my brother was dating a girl with a 10-year old son with the same name. My sister has tried persuading me to use a different name, but we're holding our ground on this one. We had one...ONE girls name picked out probably about 3 years prior to having our first child, who ended up being a girl, so we've already used that. Now that we're pregnant with our second, we're screwed if it ends up being a girl. My hubby has a name he likes, but I like a completely different name...I think that ultimately, since I'm doing the physical work of growing and delivering a human being, I should get an extra vote. :o) We ARE in agreement that WE are naming our child - no outside opinions allowed!

Samantha said...

When we were thinking of names for Roxy, I had a list of about ten names for a boy and ten for a girl. We knew the middle name would be Roxanne if it were a girl and Phillip would be used somewhere if it were a boy. We decided if we were going to name her after one grandmother, we should include both so that is how she became Eugenia Roxanne. Had she been a boy, she would have been Phillip Harrison. Anywho, I digress. My MIL actually said not to name Roxy after her at first. Then she warmed to the idea. Russ still says if she hadn't been 11 weeks early, we probably would have chosen a different first name. But, Roxy fits and Roxy she is.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I'm not having another baby for 2 more years and we are ALREADY making a short list!

(and I LOVE the name!)

Anonymous said...

Yay for the "Pretty Woman" reference! : ) Picking out names is the best part! I love "Finn" by the way!

MommyLisa said...

I won on the middle name when I gave birth without drugs - T-bone wanted Grace, ugh. I wanted Claire. :)

And if you don't know Boo Boo's first name I WILL tell you if YOU TELL ME your one and only name you can imagine.

Yes that was a bribe.

Misc Momma said...

Yes. Pretty Woman. Kit. I used to recite that movie, word for word, much to every one around me's chagrin.

As for names. I had picked out my daughter's name years before I considered having a baby. (I still have no daughter). And my husband agreed on it. Once we got pregnant (and did not know we were having a boy), I decided I hated the name. We never agreed on a girl's name...fortunately it was a boy. However, it was the ONLY name we could agree on. Quinn.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I think that might be one of the hardest things to decide on in your life - the name follows them wherever they go! I love Finn's name, so I'm sure you'll come up with a perfect one for the next babe.

deborah said...

we name the things we love....really not trying to push this old post but it sort of sums up my feelings and thoughts about naming babies....and other things and people:)
i'm itching to know the name you LOVE. finn, is fun and spunky and old and new, it's smart and sporty, arty and pretty darn good. :)

Kay said...

Ugh! I always put off baby naming til the end too! Steve and I usually go back and forth between one of us liking/not liking a name. If you like a name, give Dave a little time and see if he comes around :0) Oh, and I two have exclusive baby naming rights! That's why we never shared our names before the boys were born. Although, you should totally share with us because I am curious, lol!! Finn is a great name, so I am sure whatever you decide will be awesome!

Stacy Kaye said...

First off, the movie is Pretty Woman!!!

Secondly, I'm not sure on the rules in the States, but in Canada you can leave the hospital...we had friends whose son was without a name for 11 days!!!

Lastly, we had the same issue. Every single name Kevin came up with I didn't like. I had ONE name-Grayson. He is obviously NOT Grayson. When Kev finally said what about Jack I said well, I don't HATE it. Well, now I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. When he was born I looked at him and said, he is a Jack!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Pretty Woman!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That is so funny! Naming your kid is a hard thing, I would imagine. Haven't had to do it yet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks much! :)

My hubby actually named our son. I tried to do it, but then he ended up coming up with the good ideas. lol

belles♥mom said...

We had a back-up "list" but I knew from the time I was 5 what I wanted to name a little girl if I ever had one, I'm pretty sure it was agreed upon before Jon and I even got married hahaha. I did however compromise on her middle name which Jon thought of all on his own{with some help from Robert Smith}, so he definitely had some say.
I have also heard that legally the hospital cannot keep you if you do not name your baby before you are scheduled to leave(and they could probably get in some big trouble with your insurance company if they even tried to make you stay a minute later than you needed to) but Finn would have been baby boy Peters and that is not nearly cool enough for him!

Unknown said...

My husband and I are major commitment-phobes. I'm due in 3 weeks and we just decided on a name...Except we have 2 backups in case it "just doesn't fit". Oddly, it is driving everyone other than us absolutely nuts.

andrea of ffft said...

When I first moved to my current town ten years ago, I dated a single dad who had the most amazing three year old little boy. His name was Rowan, and although I was certain that I wasn't going to have kids, I always thought that if I did I would use that name... I loved it. Then three years later I was pregnant with my first, but was told it would be a girl. So we discussed other names that had meaning to us... I never even thought about that little boy at the time. When it came out a boy, Dylan took him from me and looked at him and said, "I think his name is Rowan". I nearly fell off the bed and asked why and he said "I have no idea... I think he just told me that. He looked at me and the name just came into my head." Neither one of us are all about fate and whatnot, and I have never told him about the first Rowan, but always thought it was really crazy. He is definitely a Rowan, and once we looked it up, it really fit.

I can't wait to see what name it is that you LOVE :)... Finn was one of the names we had picked for our second! Excellent choice! (One of the others was Quinn too, which is funny)

Bridget said...

1. Pretty Woman (do you know where my favorite line, "abso-fucking-lutely" comes from?

2. I love the name you love

3. Really, I just need to know ASAP so I can start monogramming. ;)

the cape on the corner said...

it sounds like you guys are already referring to her as this name (which you aren't saying, apparently) so i think you should keep it. do you think it would confuse finn if you went with something else after he's referring to her as this one?

sarah said...

both of our children were surprises. thank goodness the second was a boy because for the life of me, we could not come up with another girl name that was perfect...that was the ONE.

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