Valentine's Day... The Movie & The Reality

17 February 2010
Can I just say that you all are sweet with your cheery messages?  Thanks for being so NICE, even when I'm cranky.  I had a good talk with my Janet (aka mom) and that cures a multitude of bad days.  In our family, we mostly like to laugh through our tears and being totally inappropriate makes us who we are.  She is currently experiencing roid rage due to a dose of steroids to help with a random allergic reaction and/or virus she's experienced twice in the last couple months.  It got scary with throat swelling, thus the need for a dose of steroids and anyway, if you know my Janet in real life, you'll know she might appear to have roid rage on a regular basis, so actual roid rage is almost so bad that it is comical.  We commiserated on the piling up of a million tiny things going wrong and made plans to go see Valentine's Day tonight.  Because nothing cures shit like a good chick flick.  Right?

I know it got panned by pretty much every critic everywhere, but it was a cute movie.  Yes, yes there were too many characters and really there are probably 3 sets of couples that I think could have gone by the wayside because I just didn't care about their story.  And yes, it was cheesy and predictable.  I'm ok with that in my chick flicks.  And if nothing else, McSteamy is in it and his shirt is happily OFF in like 70% of his scenes, so yeah, see it.  The characters that Taylor Swift and Taylor "I am a teen werewolf" Lautner played had me rolling and remembering the love angsty teenagery hormone infused times of days gone by.   

Plus, Lyndsey and I almost had to hold the roid raging Janet down when a jackass in the back of the theater decided to have a conversation on her cell in the middle of the theater.  Why, oh why do peeps feel the need to do that?

So, now our actual Valentine's Day that I should have been posting about instead of my crappy day yesterday.  Dave made steaks on the grill, then it was downtown for dessert at my mom's.  I'm pretty sure the pics do more justice than my rambling.  My step dad pretty much rocks because this was ALL his doing, from the dozens of white roses {Janet's fave} to the cooking, to the rose petals on the table, to the chilled champagne {me} to the port {Dave} to red wine {Janet} everything was perfection.

 There was almond white cake with raspberries and packages of sea salted caramels for everyone.

Chocolate is more your style?  How about Melt Cakes with ice cream?

Maybe it was the champagne {with a grapefruit rosemary simple syrup added to it} talking or the fact that he let me sleep in till eleven, but I love this guy {Microsoft shirt and surprised look and all} and the little munchkin stuffing his face too.

I hope yours was just as fabulous.


Emily said...

I'm glad to hear the movie is cute, if thoroughly chick-flicky. And that life is going better for you.

Also, I've decided that I'm adopting your family.

Elise said...

I love chick flicks. AND i love dave and finn. ps. i had a CREEPY dream the other night that dave and i were indeed married...i know i joke with you but this was an honest to God dream. It was strange..and though I'm jealous you found the perfect partner and I am envious, he definately belongs with you because the dream was just WEIRD and not right. Anywho, tell richard that any desserts he wants to send my way would be greatfully appreciated and i'm glad you had a good valentines day!!! kiss my baby for me. LOVE YOU!

Ashley said...

I should have commented yesterday. I've been so damn busy, I hate to miss a chance to cheer you up. All I can say is Bailey's in the coffee and big smile (even if you don't feel like it) and periodic escapes to the bathroom to cry always make it better for me.

Anyhooo! That heart cake looks amazing. I have a menu a mile long planned for my cheat days. And the Davester...oh how cute. He's a good man, huh?

Jackie said...

Glad to hear the movie was good since the critics slammed it. Also glad I didn't drag Marvin to it if it was so chick-flickish. And why is it that when I lived in Toledo I was never invited to Valentine's Day dessert mania?????

michele said...

those desserts look SCRUMPTIOUS. *drool*

and can i just say how cool your mom's place looks?! i love it.

Laura said...

that almond white cake is adorable!

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