Six Reasons I Want a Mixed CD for Valentine's Day {Maybe You Do Too.}

10 February 2010
  1. It's Hot. 
  2. It's Personal.  You wouldn't catch me with any death metal on my own personal soundtrack, but maybe you would have it on yours?  Maybe you'd like all music from when you started dating your husband in the 90s?  Maybe you want to include a song from every concert the two of you ever attended together? 
  3. It's Inexpensive.  If you don't already own the cds or mp3s of songs that you want to include, most can be purchased inexpensively on Amazon.  {Added Bonus: There are even playlists for you to peruse for ideas.}
  4. It's Thoughtful.  Mixed CDs take a little time to get the right mix of great songs, it takes some thought and a little planning.  Thoughtful trumps store bought.
  5. It's Mood Setting.  Add a scented candle if you're feeling so inclined.
  6. It's the Gift That Keeps Giving.  You can listen to that cd in August just as easily as you can in February and it's still hot. 

Need some song suggestions to get you started?  My personal faves...

Secret - Maroon 5
Remember to Breathe - Dashboard Confessional
My Love - Justin Timberlake {Ok, I'm almost embarassed to put JT on here, but it's a great song.}
Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
Untitled {How Does It Feel} - D'Angelo
Nice & Slow - Usher
Crush - Dave Matthews Band
Anywhere - 112
Naughty Girl - Beyonce
Crash Into You - Dave Matthews Band

So tell me, what is YOUR must have song? 

Check out this article at NPR for more inspiration!  The Make Out Mix:  Love Songs From NPR Music


michele said...

oohh, good idea! and the best part?! FREE! (cause i'm cheap....and poor LOL)

one of my faves is "sleepwalk".

lyndsey said...

I choose "So What" by Pink. Cause I am a rockstar and I don't need him:) lol

Lori said...

Crush =!

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