Hey. Girl Scouts.

26 February 2010
I'm pretty sure that the Caramel Delights {or Samoas if you're into the bastardized version from those other "Girl Scouts"**} are going to be gone by the time Dave gets home from work. 

It's not my fault. 

Yes, they are $97 a box.  And they only roll around once a year.  But that gooey caramel and toasted coconut gets me every time.

So... sorry Dave, I ate two more while I was googling recipes to make my own.

This one from Baking Bites looks promising.

Or maybe these cupcakes from the Cooking of Joy.

And I should feel guilty probably.

But I don't.

Those suckers are the size of a silver dollar.  That's like 1/4 of a regular cookie.  AND there are only 15 in a package.  So really, it's like eating 3.75 cookies!

Seriously?  Ya little rip off artists.  $97 for 3.75 cookies???

I feel dirty.

Wait, three more are gone because this ranting is getting me all worked up.

The year that I was pregnant, I made Dave drive all around looking for those cookie booths. 

When did this start?  When I was a Brownie, if you didn't order them in January, you were screwed for the rest of the year.  So, if your mom was cool, which mine totally was, she would order like 25 boxes to last you through summer.  Now, you can go to Sam's or Kroger and pick them up from a cheerful little scout that knows you just ate the last of the coconutty goodness and your husband is going to be pissed because he only had like 3 of them.

Stupid Dave and his stupid restraint.  See where it got you Davester? 

Caramel Delight-less. 

**By the way, they aren't really bastardized versions, they just have two companies who do the scout cookie baking. One calls it one thing, and one calls it the other.   Thank you to Amy who taught me that many years ago.  Not that we spend a lot of time talking about these little gems of goodness or hide them in our cars so our husbands don't eat them or anything....

What are your favorite GS cookies?


Elise said...

justifying your mindless snacking by reasoning that really the entire pack is less than 4 cookies..totally something i would do. those, and the peanut butter chocolate ones are my favorite

Ashley said...

Ummmm, Samoas all the damn way. The only Girl Scout cookie I eat and this year no one tried to sell to me so I am Samoaless. I ate three whole boxes by myself in one day the year I was pregnant with the Monster.

It's probably a good thing no little Girl Scouts came knocking cause I've been staring at Eli's box of chocolate bars he is selling for Cub Scouts. They are evil, evil, evil organizations for making our children pedal such deliciousness.

Kelly said...

I just ate 3 tagalongs while reading this, so I'm blaming you! And I didn't get J any caramel delights and he's being bitchy about it so I gotta hunt some down for him ;0)

belles♥mom said...

Michelle, you freaking crack me up! I bought only one box of thin mints and they will be gone Easter morning because I gave up chocolate for lent. I couldn't buy any more than that because the binging would continue until every last box was empty! Poor Jon is out of luck on the Somoas, I totally thought I ordered some for him but alas, I was wrong!

Holly Lefevre said...

Frozen thin mints all the way. Ar least you get more than 15 in a package...but I could eat them all in one sitting still...very sad...very expensive.

Dave said...

Damn it! I only got TWO! I should soooo buy some boxes and hoard them at work :P

Michelle said...

Your baby got some too. Besides, there are only 3.75 in the box.

Emily said...

I bought a few boxes of cookies from a co-worker's daughter, and didn't even bother to take the box of caramel delites home. It lived in my desk drawer. For all of about 2 days.

Also, I ate a sleeve of PB sandwiches for breakfast this morning. Yes, a whole sleeve.

Thank God I'm pregnant, or I'd have to try to justify my GS cookie consumption.

Jackie said...

I love the peanut butter patties (the ones with the yummy peanut butter surrounded in chocolate). And I refuse to call them Tagalongs (whatever people).
However holding true to the WW creed and steering clear of all Girl Scout cookie related products.

Karen said...

I still call them Caramel Delights too...they are my FAV! Ever try the Samoa ice cream? Steve and I take about 2 sittings to eat the entire gallon. yum.

susan said...

I have been on both sides--the brownie selling the cookies and the consumer! My favorite is still the thin mint. I have seen one Girl Scout selling cookies this year!!?? Thanks for stopping by!

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