Name that Baby 2009 Edition.

14 December 2009
My cousin and his fantastic wife {whom we love even more than we love him} had their newest baby... it's a BOY!  Myles is a big brother.  She had an extremely fast labor, meaning she wasn't even at the hospital for 20 minutes and she delivered after THREE pushes.  Lucky duck.

My family is weird with the naming.  It took us four days to name Finnegan, it took them three.  They even ended up filling out the paperwork twice because they thought they had decided on a name and decided against it.  How did they end up naming sweet Myles?  By popular vote.  Yes, you read that correctly.  They called every member of the family and we had the choice between Myles, Hudson, and Logan.  Every single person in our family had a say and the popular vote won.

So they're at it again... Numero Dos will have the distinct pleasure of having been named by every member of our family.  Our choices for this round were Colin James, Gavin James, or Kyle James.

Care to weigh in?

{Update:  We have a Colin James!}


Anonymous said...


Ashley said...


But I'm awfully fond of Gavin due to a major Bush phase I went through.

Amy said...

Colin or Gavin...I can't decide.

Elise said...


Grace said...


Unknown said...

oh those are GREAT name choices! I have a nephew named Colin it is a family name I really like gavin as well...

that is so cool that everyone in your family gets to help name the baby! Congrats on the newest addition to your family

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