It may or may not be Christmas.

11 December 2009
I know you're going to be shocked by this, but I am that annoying person who has matching bows, coordinating papers, tags, the whole Martha Stewarty shebang... usually under the tree for weeks before the actual day.  I am a freak and have been since high school when my sister and I would plan together.  I have enough ornaments in different colors to even coordinate the tree to whatever my choice of papers might be.  Mantle filled with garland and three stockings hung with care.  Holiday centerpiece on the table and Christmas cards mailed just after Thanksgiving and usually a party or two or three thrown in the mix.  Oh yeah, I am THAT girl.  Or was. 

Not this year.  This year I am being purposeful in my Christmas and on a MUCH smaller scale.  We're not doing gifts for our siblings and the gifts we are doing are much more personal and lovely in nature.  The tree is up with whatver ornaments and garland I pulled out of the box.  I am using every single Christmas paper that I already own {you should SEE the wrapping paper stash} even if that means there will be golds and plaids and bright modern papers all mixed into one jumble.  It might mean I'll have the shakes, but I am going to embrace the imperfections uniqueness.  Dave is calling it the "Best Of Christmas Past" and he cheered when I told him the plan.  There is not a doubt in my mind why I married that man.

Speaking of Dave, he and I are scaling back on gifts for each other too, mostly because we spent more on U2 tickets than I usually do on plane tickets to practially be sitting on Bono's lap in June.  That sounds way more fun to me than a sweater or a cd or a pedicure... though you know my toes will be done to see Bono.  When you're struggling to come up with a list of things you would love to own, chances are you probably don't need a whole lot.  I have seriously never been more content in the things that we have, the life that we live, I feel like we don't want for much and I'm really kind of over filling my house with stuff that I'm not super in love with.  Plus, I was maybe sort of a bitch to him last year on Christmas eve because he didn't put much thought into gifts and I was feeling overloaded and our Finnegan tried to actually take money OUT of the collection basket at the children's mass and there were 900 people and WAY too much hurrying and rushing. 

I just don't want time with my family to be about that this year.

This Christmas is about Finnegan, about family, and about friends.  You know... my three other favorite F words.  I am participating in a fantastic cookie exchange with my girlfriends, I am only sending Christmas cards {late} to my family, and we're slowing it all down.  Dave and I are really lucky that we have three grandmothers to dote on, plus my unbelievable great aunt in her 90s, amazing families, a child who is too young to be absorbed with {plus we try our damnedest to keep him unaware of} the commercialism.  There will be years for ZhuZhu pets, but this isn't one of them. 

For now, I've been oogling all kinds of loveliness all over the blogosphere and delighting in reading about, but not keeping up with, the Joneses.  What does your Christmas look like this year?

And pssssst.... after Christmas, I'll be back in full {crazy} force with a fabulous non-traditional baby shower {because cocktail parties aren't for babies} for two of my favoritest girls in the whole wide world.  This one *may* have involved me flying back special supplies from California and I can not wait to share it with you.


Ashley said...

Actually this year our Christmas seems to be on overload in regards to the actual presents. Not through our own doing or shopping habits, its just that the kids uncle is in Iraq and he's shipping boxes and boxes of stuff for them. I'm currently hiding a tricyle and a play kitchen in the shop and that's just for Stella. Otherwise, the decor is minimal (I'm not crafty so no one expects otherwise), the get togethers will involve more alcohol than food, and our cookies for Santa will be on the plate but probably not looking anything close to what Martha (or you) could do.

Merry Christmas Michelle! I think you've got the right idea.

Emily said...

First, I am absolutely SHOCKED that you're not going to coordinate your tree and wrapping paper. SHOCKED, I tell you! I've been trying to use up my old paper for several years, and I was giddy when I got to buy a new roll yesterday because we don't have enough to wrap W's table.

This year, we're actually financially able to do a little more for presents, so we are. I'm still not going too all-out, but I'm so excited that B and I can get gifts for each other this year. And I've bought way too much for W. I need to stop. But I keep finding great deals on stuff that I'd like him to have (like the table). My decor is my typical, lazy Christmas decor. Nothing fancy, nothing special. Just my old stand-bys. I don't intend to do much baking this year, either. Just enough for the cookie exchange and anything I'm forced to do for the family dinners.

Michelle said...

Well there is a special bday/Christmas {because let's face it... I am effing late in getting it mailed} on its way {when I make time to mail it} to Arkansas. I'm not even stressing about that because I am sure you'll be happy when I actually get it to you. HA!

And Em, if it wasn't so cold out I would tell you to walk your happy ass over here to see zero presents under the tree and a stack of totally mismatched papers ready to wrap. Believe it. I didn't even hang stockings for Dave and myself.

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