01 December 2009
I'm feeling angsty. 

That is all.  Well, not really all I guess, I just don't know what to write that isn't going to be angsty.  Instead of wallowing in it I'm going to pick up around here {highly contributing to my angsty-ness} and maybe go to bed early.  I'm going to go for a walk tomorrow with my {extremely} pregnant friend, she is very much ready for that baby to make her appearance.  I'm going to finish up my card printing and have everything ready to set up on Thursday.  I'm going to snuggle my two year old in the morning and hope for know it will be a better day. 

What do you do for angsty days?


Amy said...

I try to make progress on something that is bugging me or I go for a jog. And after about 5 minutes, the jog turns into a walk. I don't think walking is all that great of exercise, compared to jogging, but it does feel good to be alone for an hour!

Ashley said...

Girl I'm not even angsty I'm just plain old bitchy. While I really want to feel all sorry for myself and boo hooey I'm just going to clean my house and work out extra hard. Sweat that shit out of myself. I ran for 30 minutes this morning and was feeling better until my phone blew up with people bugging me.

Hope your walk helps your friend. Hope your snuggling helps your angst, as I'm sure it will.

Brittany said...

OMG I have the perfect cure for this! Help me move.

Gets the blood pumping.

Plus you can drink.

Michelle said...

Brittany, Andy is going to kick your ass for taking a blogging break! I do want to come see the new awesomeness though.

Anonymous said...

Angsty - that pretty much describes me 65% of the time. I blame it on being all sunshines and rainbows back in high school.

Anyhoo. My cure? Hot chocolate, comfy PJs and watching sitcoms from the 60s, 70s and 80s. I loved me some Mary Tyler Moore. If that doesn't work, I try the opposite approach and do something productive/creative. Good luck M!

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