April Showers + May Flowers Baby Shower.

15 April 2013

You only need a few things for a baby shower.  Great friends and an impending arrival.  All of the rest is just details.  That is, until you attend a baby shower where you not only have great friends and an impending arrival, but where every detail is thought out.  At every turn you say things like oh, that is awesome or look at that, you’ve thought of everything.  The real trick is to have an intimate shower where all of these details are noticed and appreciated, but not done in a fussy way.  Relaxed and thoughtful and beautiful.

These are the showers that Lianne plans. 

My friend Merrily is one of those people that you can’t help loving.  She has this uncanny knack for making everything more fun.  She was married last year and one of my favorite things about her wedding festivities was attending her bridal shower.  It is arguably the best shower I have ever been to, planned by her sister Lianne.  Remember those unreal sea salt chocolate chip cookies?  Yep, Lianne took her mom’s secret recipe and made favors for everyone.  It really is the bane of my blogging existence that I didn’t take a camera and share it with all of you.  I wasn’t going to make that mistake twice.  When I got the invitation for Mer’s baby shower, I sent an email to Lianne and begged her to let me share the details.

Lianne chose the April Showers theme because she had the shower in April and Merrily loves the color grey.  She decided to add the May flowers not only because Mer is due in May, but also because she said she was having a hard time coming up with food ideas around a wet rainy theme.  {Love that.}  Once she added the May flowers into the mix, everything started falling into place.  She made grey and white tissue poms with raindrops hanging from them.  Every surface was covered with tiny micro flowers, it was so pretty.

Merrily and Lianne Baby Shower Tulips

Baby Shower Menu

064 070

Wild Flower Salad

Baby Shower Menu

Flower Pot Cake Stand

Baby Shower Cupcakes 007

154 Baby Shower Washcloth Flowers

004 119


Mer   Mom

One last thing… this baby is a surprise!  Leave your guess, BOY or GIRL, in the comments!



Katie said...

Ooohhh, that shower was so cute! I loved the poms with raindrops! Although the edible flower salad?? Kinda freaked me out! It didn't look like a salad, it was too pretty to eat! And did people really eat them? Lol.

I love surprise babies! That's the only way I've done it - for us, the surprise in the delivery room was the biggest surprise we'd ever get in life - why not?! And my guess is GIRL. :o)

Michelle said...

Not only did we eat it, it was so good!! The flowers were all on top in the pic, but then mixed in. It looks like a lot but it wasn't really that much.

Unknown said...

That is one stunningly adorable baby shower!! Seriously, her sister has some mad party whispering skills, wow. Congratulations, Merrily!

ps. Michelle, your photos are gorgeous!! I need to work on my 'event' photography :)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Aww, what a cute idea! Love!

Stefanie Blakely said...

What a cute shower (I've had that theme bookmarked on Pinterest for a while-- just need someone to get pregnant now!)and your photos are gorgeous!

My sorority flower was the pansy & we used to eat them on cupcakes! They're kind of sweet!

Mitch said...

We are planning a surprise baby shower for my wife and I love those clouds with the rain. I may send this post to her friend and she if she can make them.

Unknown said...

Super cute!!!!!

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