31 January 2012

Dave is the worst dishwasher loader in the entire world.  It’s like he failed spatial reasoning in the class of life.  FAILED.

Or something.

But, we fight about it all the time because there are very few things I am OCD about and the dishwasher is definitely one of them.  I have been known to unload an entire dishwasher full of dishes and re-load it.

You know… the RIGHT way.

I’ll pass by an overflowing stack of {mostly junk} mail.  I’ll leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher until Dave puts them away.  Laundry can sit in a basket until I wear it again.  I’ll let Finn get out every toy known to man and have a living room full of Spiderman guys rodeo riding on Thomas the Train. 

It’s like I don’t even see that stuff. 

Just show me a dishwasher improperly loaded though?  Sends me over the edge.

You can also add that I fold my underwear and have them lined up in the drawer like a VS store. Also, every hanger in every closet must be facing the same direction yes, but they also have to be the same TYPE of hanger.  Oh, AND one last thing, I hate sleeping with a top sheet and Dave used to be the exact opposite, he had to sleep with a top sheet, but I have sort of converted him to the ways of only the duvet.

So tell me this… what are you OCD about?  And are you a top sheet user or ‘just a duvet’ person? 


Sue said...

Thanks. At first I was thinking, "There are only a couple of things I'm OCD about", then about 20 things popped into my head. The dishwasher, the laundry, my closet, my drawers, the refrigerator, the way books are lined up on the shelves.......I could keep going all day.

I should maybe look into getting some help.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, my sister told me to blog about the same thing. My husband sucks at loading a dishwasher. He does not utilize space well. I did rewash dishes yesterday because of this. I sleep with a blanket and a duvet in the winters. Top sheet and duvet the rest of the year.

Laura said...

Bahaha, my husband gave up on trying to put anything in the dishwasher! What is it about that? He is also a no top sheet man too, so I get trapped when I'm under the top sheet. That sounded dirty- oops. :)

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I'm starting to think we were separated at birth... or at least sharing a brain. When my husband loads the dishwasher I twitch a little bit.. mostly because there are items left in the sink that I could have fit in there if loaded properly. He has his ideas about what needs to go where [he loads the large spoons and cooking utensils on the top rack thus ruining an ENTIRE row of where glasses can go or bowls... Drives me mad! He also wanted to put the top sheet of our new set on the bed and I was all SINCE WHEN DO WE NEED THAT?! Seriously it just gets balled up at the bottom anyway. We really don't fight about this stuff... but that's mostly because I'm stealth when it comes to reloading the washer ;)

P.S. I fold my underwear too and he doesn't get it because I also fold his. And for the life of me I can't understand why he can't right side out tshirts before folding them.

P.P.S. sounds like I'm bitching about my husband, when really we don't argue. It's just funny to see I'm not the only one with these tendencies!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I'm dying about the underwear, because my husband used just have his all wadded in a pile in his drawer, while mine were folded neatly and organized. He slowly converted me, though mine were at least separated into categorized messy piles. And then he doubled back and went all folded and organized on me without warning! LOL We joke about it all the time now.

Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain said...

The first time I saw my husband load a dishwasher, I knew I needed to marry him.

He also leaves it locked when it's clean instead of opening it to remove something and me wondering if it's dirty. Swoon. Although I guess it would be even better if he just unloaded it.

And I also have closet and cabinet OCD but I gave up the fight on the (no) sheet.

Anonymous said...

I think Mike and Dave could have a contest about who is worse at loading the dishwasher. Despite Mike's exceptional spatial reasoning skills, he seems to think any old thing can go anywhere and it drives me insane. And he's completely ruined my entire set of Calphalon cookware by putting it in the dishwasher. I find I am OCD about food and sticky messes on the counter top. I'm constantly wiping them down (which I used to get irritated at my mom for doing incessantly...hmmm....) and I can't stand dishes piled up in the sink or an unmade bed. I also need it to be made properly with hospital corners and everything. I'm also OCD about the appropriate parts of toys not being with that toy. I realize I'm engaged in a losing battle, but I can't stand the My Little Pony crap mixed in with Playmobile stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am OCD about everything, everything! I need top sheet and duvet and coverlet for when the dogs get on the bed.

Jennifer said...

I have to turn all my frosted mini wheats to frosting side up before I can eat them.

Sara said...

I ball socks so they don't lose their mate and my husband folds them in half...guess who's always looking for the matching sock? BAM! I win.

I'm super OCD about putting shoes in the basket next to the door and not leaving them all over the floor. And hanging the keys up right away. And not leaving coats on the backs of chairs. And cleaning up the kitchen as I cook instead of leaving it to the end. Oh dear, I'll stop now.

SnoopyMeg said...

You must have taken Aunt Kathy's dishwasher loading course when you lived with us....I am OCD about this as well. I too have unloaded EVERYTHING that Flynn loaded and redid it all. He thinks that he doesnt have to rinse dishes before they go in the dishwasher. I think it's because he is a chef and has someone that washes his dishes for him on a daily basis. I keep having to remind him that we DO NOT have a tiny hispanic friend that hides under our sink.

SnoopyMeg said...

P.S. tell Dave that if you're going to do it, do it RIGHT the first time, otherwise back off and let you do it. He'll just be wasting his time. I would have to say that 50% of Flynn and I's disagreements are about dishes, loading,etc.
P.S.S. If something is too hard to get clean(i.e. baked onto a dish, leftovers left a bit too long), he wont hesitate to just throw the whole dish away...cant tell you how many things I have fished out of the trash! SUPER ANNOYING!!!

Anonymous said...

I am OCD about my sister who writes all our embarrassing mishaps for the world to read LMAO

Mrs. Sowerby said...

Oh totally a top sheet person, thankfully Kev was as well. I also am OCD about the hangers. I must have every single piece of cereal soaked in the milk before it goes into my mouth. I am very particular about the way our towels our folded. It took EVERYTHING in me not to refold the towels when Kev would take the effort to do it. I REALLY knew he loved me when he learned (COMPLETELY ON HIS OWN-he must have practiced A LOT) how I fold them and now proudly folds them that way every single time. It's TRUE love!

Mrs. Sowerby said...

Oops, I keep posting under my school account now! Ha ha! It's Stace :)

@JessEsco said...

I think you might have a wee problem...or perhaps I'm just a slob. I think it might be both.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I need a sheet and a comforter because, you just need them!

Arthurs Enkelin said...

I reload the DW, but I usually sneak around & do it when nobody is around - they get most offended otherwise. I have had chipped dishes, baked on mac & cheese dishes due to rinse failure and flipped over plastic filled with water, when I don't intervene. I am a stickler that all cutlery should be loaded dirty end up. Hasn't anybody else ever read the DW manual? The manual is very clear on this. I also handwash all my (All-Clad) pots and pans, knives, crystal, good china....Luckily, my husband helps with this and he is very good.

I have switched back to using a topsheet under the Duvet cover. It is just too much work to iron a duvet cover weekly. The duvet cover can go a month or so between cleanings, sheets are done weekly. I had to keep everything crisp to sell my house. Luckily, I was the only one in the house while it was on the market, so lots of OCD neatniking. The house sold - no small feat in this market.

I was teased at school for the state of my drawers with neatly folded unders and socks. I don't think I could find a thing if I wasn't neat. There are a few things I am lax about. I have books and magazines everywhere. Having just moved, not everything as yet has a place. I spent at least an hour today hunting for some lighting catalogs. I am burned out from organizing and cleaning after the move - 2 whole 18 wheelers! It's a bit messy now.

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