The Weathergods Owe Finn an Apology and Me $41.87.

13 January 2012

A few days ago, we got a tease that there might be snow. 

This was big news for the four year old in our house because it has been near 40 degrees.   He just does not understand why we’ve not had any real snow to speak of and it is already January the 13th.  He wants to go sledding!  He wants to make a snowman!  We haven’t even bought boots yet this year.  We live in Ohio, so it’s to be expected that we’ll be living in a freaking winter wonderland at least once or twice during WINTER.  You know, the season when snow is supposed to come? 

By yesterday morning, they predicted two to four  inches for our area and he asked approximately 28,239 times when the snow would arrive.   

By four in the afternoon weather alerts were popping up saying it would fall on the heavy end for our city, maybe even a little more than four inches.  My teacher friends were keeping fingers and toes crossed for a snow day.    

You can see with the excitement of FOUR whole inches of the good stuff coming we had to run out and buy some boots and “Mom, please can we get snow pants too?  WHAT am I going to wear outside when I’m helping Dave shovel the ice??”  {Yes, he is still calling his daddy Dave.}  Apparently Kohls doesn’t have faith in Ohio ever getting snow this winter either because the racks were full and the snow pants 70% off.

When is the snow coming?

When you’re asleep buddy.

Can I go outside?

Yes, tomorrow.

And then Dave and I watched the late news.  HALF AN INCH.  Maybe. 

When we woke up this morning, there wasn’t even enough to brush off the car.

Weathergods, you owe Finn an apology for messing up his Friday.  And $41.87 to me if these boots and snow pants aren’t going to get used!

Send snow.


Corinne said...

I will gladly send the show we have in Erie to you and Finn in Ohio...especially since it played a major role in someone hitting my car this morning on my way to work...luckily there was no damage...
Love your blog!

Someone who should use the preview button for they post a comment!! said...

And by show I mean SNOW!!!!! Geez.

Tricia said...

It's like we're living parallel lives except you have a snow-hungry boy AND an adorable baby and I have a snow-hungry boy AND a plethora of deviled egg plates. * Connor is willing to sell my soul for a bit of the white stuff, but we only received a dusting and a nice little layer of ice. Fun stuff!

* I saw your comment on my blog and I wanted to explain, lest you think that I'm some crazy egg plate hoarder... The first time I was invited to my in-laws for a holiday meal, I asked: What can I bring? My MIL said, “Just bring a salad, but don’t bring very much because no one will eat it anyway.” So… I took a salad and, as a bonus, I took a plate of deviled eggs. She was right: No one ate the salad, but those eggs? Gone in about two seconds. Who knew that a group of people could get so excited about eggs? Fast forward to every Christmas since and guess what gift I’ve received. Yep. That’s right. An egg plate, occasionally paired with a nice pair of socks from my brother-in-law. Don't be jealous! I'm just super lucky, I think.

Anonymous said...

Anchorage, Alaska would gladly send you some ;) We've had plenty for the winter season.

Katie O. said...

It is totally weird that we don't have snow yet. Well, the dusting we got last night/this morning if that even counts! And with the temps we've been having, it's felt almost like spring was coming, and really? I wouldn't mind that, except for the fact that I also spent money on snow pants and boots for A (and my husband) to play out in the snow. Oh, and a new snowblower. Figures, right? I want my money back too! Lol.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

You can take our 2 inches and snow. Because we sure don't want it in St. Louis!

MommyLisa said...

Seriously there is NO snow on our ground either and I live in Minnesota!!!

Katie Olthoff said...

Um, yes. Same story here. With a 3 year old, and I actually bought the boots and snowpants before the FIRST blizzard that didn't deliver - way back in November! Tags still on the snowpants!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I'm in Seattle and they are predicting snow showers over the next couple of days. Nothing major. It'll go one of two ways - either nothing will materialize at all, disappointing every child in a two hundred mile radius, or it will dump 8 inches and shut down the city and the forecasters will have completely missed it. They never get it right around here. But the lines at the grocery store at 2:15 in the afternoon on Friday? Ridiculous. You'd have thought they were predicting Armageddon.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Nothing is worse than a winter w/out a real snow. OK well a blizzard can be worse but I myself [as a person from the East Coast] personally I LOVE blizzards - so long as I have snacks and beer!

I hope it snows soon for Finn :/

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