23 January 2012


Dave and I drove up to Ann Arbor to go to Trader Joes & Whole foods.  Is it weird that we drive 45 minutes to go to the grocery once or twice a month?  This last trip we picked up a killer Oregon bleu cheese that was so delicious we had to do something special with it.

Wedge salads are one of my favorites and they are so easy to throw together.  {Even better in the summer when we can just grab a tomato from the garden.}

Cut a head of iceberg lettuce into quarters, top with bacon, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles, & dressing, I like to use half bleu cheese, half balsamic {Ken’s makes a kick ass version} vinaigrette.  You can also add diced red onion or chopped hardboiled egg, if you like.


Anonymous said...

You know, I saw wedge and thought a new pair of shoes.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog because I am a fellow Toledo resident myself. My husband works up in Ann Arbor and I work south of Toledo, but it's a good thing for our budget that it's not the other way around. I ADORE both of those stores!

Side note, do you know of any other Toledo-based bloggers worth following? It's wonderful to be able to relate to so many stories! :)

Tricia said...

You just made me hungry for a salad and that's not easy to do!

Bridget said...

OMG I am so sad I didn't get invited over for this. My favorite!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I LOVE me wedge salad!

Unknown said...

i wish toledo had a trader joes and whole foods! Ive been wanting to go to them for awhile now!

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