Tweet, Tweet.

30 January 2012

Alas, I am a Twit{terer}, peeps.  I considered calling this post, Caved. 

So, what do I think?  It’s more fun than I had anticipated, but less fun than Pinterest.

I need tips.  And friends.  Who are your favorites to follow? 


How was your weekend?


Two Normal Moms said...

Welcome to another time suck! :) Kidding. Sort of. It's great, though I tend to run hot and cold with my "attendance". LOL

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

So excited that you're finally on Twitter! It's so much fun and fills my immediate need to connect with people and get opinions on things before I buy them.

Anonymous said...

Read this today and instantly thought of you.

~*Jess*~ said...

Just wait, you'll get sucked in. Maybe if you TWEETED more that would help...don't be a lurker!

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