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18 November 2011

Brooklyn Limestone is fabulous, to say the least.  Check out this incredible DIY pillow made from a t-shirt.  It kinda makes me want to learn to actually sew.

Two ingredient pumpkin cookies?  Sign me up!

If you follow So Wonderful, So Marvelous on Facebook, you’ll have already seen this one.  A great repost from Lora at Fever that touched me so much, I’m posting again here.  A great reminder that sometimes things shouldn’t be taken at face value.

I may just to do these adorable mustache nails!

Me too.


Unknown said...

I read the post from Lora at Fever via your FB last week {or whenever it was} and I got chills and tears. Such a touching post. And yes somethings shouldn't be take at face value. In fact I think I might share this on my blog:)

Stacy Kaye said...

Thanks for the link! I really have to do those mustache nails for Movember!!!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Thanks so much for the mention!

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