Gone Fishing.

25 November 2011

Or shopping, as the case may be.  Happy Black Friday!

Were you out shopping the deals at midnight?  Will you shop today?

Score anything good?

Think all of the idiots out shopping are nuts?

Spill it.  How do you feel about Black Friday?


Anonymous said...

I think it is ridiculous. I went to see if a doll house I wanted for my girls was on sale. The stores do not even carry it. I found it cheaper at Amazon than any other store. I have bought most of my gifts from Amazon.

Unknown said...

I would rather pamper myself with a few hours of sleeping. Besides, if you pay attention to the sales during December you can usually get just as good, and sometimes better, deals than those offered on Black Friday. Good people watching though. My sis and I did that one year and it was totally worth it.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I wasn't planning on it, but I ended up going and crossing 8 people off my list!!

lo said...

I'm so conflicted about Black Friday.

On one hand I would love to have a totally non-consumerist approach to the holidays and lovingly craft everyone's presents and wrap them in reusable wrappings but on the other hand I just kind of really love shopping.

So I'm not able to totally give up the "SPEND YOUR MONEY ON LOTS OF SPARKLY SHINY NEW STUFFFFFF" American consumerist side of Christmas but at the same time I just hope I can keep a balance and make sure that I really appreciate all the non-tangible warm and fuzzy aspects of the season!

lo said...

That was really like a confession more than an answer to your question. We went, drove around and took video of how long the line was around Target (WRAPPED AROUND THE WHOLE SUPER TARGET LARGE BUILDING) and then walked into Kohl's and picked up a couple presents and went home and did all my shopping online. It was a nice non stressful experience actually...

Just A Normal Mom said...

My son went with his girlfriend and her mom (I was sleeping like a baby!) and they said Target and WalMart were eerie - no lines, in and out with what they wanted super fast. Totally different than last year!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

We actually went out for the midnight sales, and ended up at Walmart for their start at 10 pm. I thought that starting that early was a bit silly, but the midnight opens worked for us. We were in bed by 2:30 pm with more than half our shopping done. I liked it and scored some great deals!

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