DIY Bourbon Vanilla Extract

05 November 2011

I bought these magnificent vanilla beans at Costco.  After talking to my friend Stephanie, I decided to take a few of them and make vanilla my own vanilla extract.  We had both read a post back in September from Bake at 350 on how to make your own vanilla extract with vodka.  I wanted to change it up a bit and do mine with bourbon.  Luckily Dave is a bourbon fan, so I raided his stash and asked his advice for a good one and went to work.

It couldn’t be easier!

Take three vanilla beans, cut down the length of the vanilla bean {but not completely through} and put in a clean jar or bottle.  Cover with bourbon and tuck away in a dark place for 2-3 months.

The vanilla pods will release their seeds and the bourbon will get darker and absorb the scent and flavor.  Give it a shake every once in awhile.  Use just as you would vanilla extract.  This also makes a really incredible DIY Christmas gift for foodie friends.



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Mommy Lisa said...

Mmmm. Maker's Mark.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Who knew? What a great gift.

So can this be used just like vanilla extract in baking or do is it more of a specialty item?

Kim Killion said...

I use bourbon vanilla in all my baking. It is wonderful!

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