Farewell Old Stinky.

22 November 2011

You can catch up on the tale of Old Stinky, but long story short Dave is obsessed with his hunk of junk 17 year old car that he drives back and forth to work every single day.  Finn has dubbed it “Daddy’s Work Car,” but her true name is Old Stinky.

Finn and Dave gave her one last hug and took one last ride, patted her rust spots and bid her adieu. 



Where was I?  Sitting in my new car with the butt warmers on, wondering what’s wrong with those two.


Just A Normal Mom said...

Gotta love the butt warmers!

Unknown said...

haha.....I would be sitting in the new car too:)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Hah! I would be in the car with the seat warmers too. But saying goodbye to a vehicle that's been with you for sooooo long is hard! You have the pictures to remember it by.

MommyLisa said...

Butt warmers rule all. Happy Thanksgiving Mama!

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