Android Apps I Love

06 November 2011

1.  Pandora: I’ve written before about my mad love for Pandora Internet Radio, but my love runs so deep, I’ve got to put it as my number one favorite app.  Seriously, how cool is it that we had a Monster Mash channel playing while we passed out candy?

2.  Our Groceries:  I love that I can make the list on my phone and through their sharing feature, it shows up on Dave’s phone as well.  So if we need a few items on his way home, it saves me a trip to the store with two munchkins.  Dave and his OCD tendencies loves that everything can be organized by store layout. 

3.  Words With Friends: This game is full of Scrabblicious amusement.  I love that I can have 20 games going at the same time, that there is no rush in playing, and that although I keep getting my ass beat, I’m still having fun!  If you want to play me, leave your user id in the comments!

4. Advanced Task Killer: I press a button and it kills all unnecessary apps, freeing up space and not using the battery!

5. Netflix:  This is a great time filler when I’m waiting somewhere.  I can pop an episode of Spiderman on for Finn or an episode of Pulling for me.  It does work infinitely better when you’re in a wifi spot… ahem at least until 4G comes to our area!


Yostee said...

Words with friends is another weakness of mine. I suck ass at it! I play my students a lot and they usually beat me by 100+ points! It keeps me awake during middle of the night feedings!!! :) Rinner746 if you ever get bored!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love the Netflix app - I bet it does come in awfully handy with little ones!

Jill said...

Words with Friends is the best. I can't wait until I get my new phone at the end of the month so I can have more than 10 apps on my phone! I miss Pandora, Angry Birds, other games to waste time with...

MommyLisa said...

Sprint has a mobile tv app that gives us FREE DISNEY CHANNEL - showing exactly what is on at that time. So awesome.

Michelle said...

Ooooh Lis, thanks for the heads up! We have Sprint TV, we've just never used it.

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