Dear Santa,

20 November 2011

I want silly putty, a Cars 2 movie, a Cars car that is supposed to go in the garage, Santa.  A camera and a phone, so I can play apps.  Diesel the train, a metal Percy, Emily and Harry, a wood Thomas, a wood James, and that’s it.

Next Christmas, I’m gonna have a laptop.

Oh yeah, I want a fish bath toy Santa & introducing Spiderman toy.  You know what I really need?  A new pair of socks.  And last but not least, Spiderman underwear.



Tricia said...

Funny, socks are on my Santa list, too. Sounds like you have a very nice list to pass along to Santa!

Emily said...

That made me giggle. You should probably include a P.S. telling Santa to start saving up for those Thomas trains. Those effers are expensive! (Which is why none of them will be making an appearance under our tree this year. *Ahem*)

MommyLisa said...


Samantha said...

Wow! Sounds like Finn has been thinking hard about his list :) So far Roxy has only mentioned a couple of things, but I've only asked her twice. Everytime we ask, we get a different answer. So far, a red car that she can ride in, clothes, and toys. Not really specific except the red car.

Happy shopping!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Well at least Santa has a lot to choose from! :)

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