5 Things I Love Right Now

15 November 2011

The last one was so much fun that I am going to make this a monthly post.

1.  Lemonade with a splash of grenadine.  Delish. 

2.  Vanilla Beans from Costco.  They have these huge, yummy vanilla beans once a year.  Last year I missed them.  The year before, they sold out in just a short time.  This year I bought 2 packages.  I’m considering going back to buy a couple more.  I used them to make bourbon vanilla extract and I can’t wait for it to be done!

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3.  Suave Dry Shampoo.  I have tried a ton of dry shampoos from using baby powder to pricey versions from Sephora.  Here is what I love about Suave… it smells good {like pineapple}, it doesn’t leave a messy white residue, it comes in a spray that doesn’t clog up, and the best thing?  The price!  It is only $3 for a bottle and I can buy it at the grocery. 

4.  Skype.  I always forget about Skype, but this week we got to talk to Elise who is away at school right now.  It’s so nice to see her {and her roommate Molly!} face while we’re talking.  You can’t beat FREE video chatting.

5.  Storage Wars.  This is my new Netflix obsession.  I don’t know if it’s the bidding, the smart wife Brandi, the asshole Dave, Barry the whackadoodle, or the lure of $90,000 worth of newspapers that keeps me glued, but glued I am.


I hope you’ll leave your current love list in the comments so I can find new loves!

What is on your LOVE list right now?

Disclosure Blurb: I wasn’t compensated or asked to talk about any of these products, they’re just fabulous goodies that I love.


Alexis said...

Love Storage Wars!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I've been searching for the right dry shampoo and didn't even know Suave had one. The one I have now stinks! I'm going to check next time I'm at the store!

Anonymous said...

1. California baby calendula cream.
2. Cheesy romantic Christmas movies.
3. Yarn
4. Satsuma lotion a The Body Shop
5. 5 Ingredient fix

lo said...

Almond M&Ms! I cannot stop eating them.

Soup! It's barely even cold out here but I have eaten soup almost every single day this month.

Cheddar cheese on Pretzel Thins

Glitter nail polish. I hate painting my nails because it always comes out awful and I'm too broke to get manicures so glitter nail polish forgives my toddler level nail painting skills!

Dark chocolate hot cocoa. YUM

Unknown said...

I am so going to try that dry shampoo. I tried a brand (i can't remember the name) and its still sitting under the bathroom sink because it sucked so badly. We love Storage Wars also and hate Dave. He is such an ass, I can't stand him.
A couple things I am loving right now: turkey and ham sandwiches on wheat bread w/pickles and provolone cheese, I have one like everyday for lunch:)
Bomb Patrol, its a new show on G4 {i think}. Its a Navy unit that's in Afghanistan and they go around and defuse IED's. It's quite compelling and really gives you a look into their world over there.

Stacy Kaye said...

We got those vanilla beans at our Costco! FINALLY something I don't have to buy in the States. I AM going to look for that shampoo though next time I am there. I am going on a 5 day sailing trip (ie NO SHOWERS) in March and I think that may be just what I need! You can see my love list on my blog. :) Soon...

katie@tulsadetails said...

Ha! I love Storage Wars as well. I feel like it satisfies my inner nosiness!

Littlest True Blue said...

1. photobooks on Shutterfly! and fast delivery too...even to Canada!

2. Downloading shows on Itunes to my Iphone to watch at the gym. Current obsession...House. I know he's a creepy old grumpy dude but somehting about doctors..they are sexy. I have a crush on Dr. House.

3. Salt and Vinegar Ms. Vickies. They rock.

4. Hair braids. I CANNOT french braid or do any of those cute bang/side braids and I'm sad. I love the look.

5. Beiber songs. I love them. I'm lame.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I tried some Treseme dry shampoo recently and really enjoyed it. I think it's a great option for when I oversleep!

@JessEsco said...

I love this idea. I also need to try that shampoo.

Right now I'm loving Spotify. List coming soon!

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