11 November 2011

When you were little did you ever make wishes on weird dates or times?  I did that as much as I twirled my apple stem saying the alphabet… you’d skip through the letters you weren’t hoping for and pull extra hard on the initials of the boy you liked hoping it would come off and you would marry him.

I would lie to you and say this only happened when I was a kid, but I still twirl those apple stems hoping for a D or a P.  And I still make wishes on special days.

Today, my friend Amy is getting married.  My wish?  It’s that they remain as happy as they are now for the next fifty years.   

Spill it.  What is your wish today?


Amy said...

My wish? That peope have a blast and dance their asses off tonight! And to be blissfully happy for the next 50 years. :)

MommyLisa said...

I had a friend get married for her second time on a Friday the 13th - the PERFECT date for them because they have that kind of humor. ;)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I think it's so funny that people pick these special dates to get married! I guess it's one way to remember your anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I totally still do the apple thing. I some how always get a P for Peyton, my husband!

Unknown said...

Did you do the soda can tab thing? I did it just a bit ago in honor of your post. Unless Hubs changes his name to Donathan, we are screwed. ;-) We are opening a bottle of wine tonight, so we can adequately celebrate 11-11-11...And drink some wine, which is the real point of the exercise.

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