One Month with Tate

27 July 2011

Sweet Baby Girl,

It has been one month since you arrived and already we can’t imagine our family without you. 


Your big brother can’t get enough of holding you and hugging you and telling me 50 times a day how cute you are.  He loves to help feed you and makes sure he helps us count and stock up the diapers.  He’s also fiercely protective and makes sure we’re all taking care of you like we’re supposed to.

Your daddy loves nothing more than to hold you and take naps on the couch.  He also loves propping you up on your Boppy and talking to you while folding laundry.  You already have him wrapped around your little finger Tate.

You love to curl up on my chest with your head on my heart, legs curled like a little frog and sleep.  My favorite moments are nursing snuggled up with you, it is our quiet relaxing time.  I have to say that the second time around, parenting seems much easier, you’ll have to thank Finnegan for breaking us in.


So far this month you have met lots and lots of people including your cousins, your three great grandmothers {who are all totally smitten with you} and lots of friends and family.  Your Gigi and Grandma Sue love to hold you any chance they get, so do all of your aunts.  Everyone comments on how beautiful you are and how much they love your rosey little cheeks.  Now if we can just get that hair of yours to grow in…

You’re sleeping a lot right now.  Usually waking in the middle of the night once and then again in the wee hours of the morning.  Luckily your daddy is helping me as much as he can.  And you, Finn, and I all take a nap each afternoon to make up for being up in the night.  You make sweet little cooing sounds when you’re sleeping, it’s really adorable.  We’re still swaddling you like a little burrito and you sleep much more soundly that way.


You love bath time, but you hate getting all lotioned up afterward.  It’s enough to send you screaming.  You also smiled for a few times this week… and not the gassy grins you give while you’re sleeping.  I can’t wait to see so many more of those soon.

So there you have it, your very first month of life Miss Tate.

I love you,



Amy said...

Michelle, she is absolutely beautiful!

AnnMarie said...

Beautiful :) Makes me well up a lil.

Tricia said...

How about a trade? I'll send you my cute but grumpy six-year-old son and you can send Tate to me. I promise to give her back when it's time for Connor to go to school next month. What do you think? :) She is just lovely! I'm glad that you are enjoying this time together.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

How fast time flies! She's the sweetest ever.

MommyLisa said...


Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet, baby girl!

@JessEsco said...

she is precious, so happy for yall.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

She is so incredibly beautiful. I can't believe she's a month old already!

Shannon said...

1. I love your baby names. Good choices on both.
2. That little girl is oodles of cute. Congratulations!
3. I'm glad to hear that it seems easier the 2nd time around. We're just now kicking around the idea of possibly having a 2nd. Even though the first is still giving me the getmeoutofheres!

Unknown said...

Oh, my eyes have turned into sprinklers. Beautiful post, Michelle. Tate is an angel!

Lisa said...

This is so sweet Michelle! What an adorable baby girl you have there. Congratulations again. Somehow I missed that her name was Tate? So cute.

Aren't newborn snuggles even better the second time around? It's amazing how nature works. :)

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