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21 March 2011

The current state of our bedroom is, in a word… tragic.  Wait, It’s better if I just rip off the band aid and show you.

Here is your tour guide Dave…


034 046





There you have it.  Water damage.  We thought best safe than sorry and Dave started ripping out the drywall after he pulled up the carpet.

And now I have to have a plan {and quickly!} for putting it all back together.  The room AND the closet.  The roofers will be done by the end of the week, the drywall will be up, and we’ll be ready to paint likely by early next week.  The carpet will go in as soon as the paint is finished. 

I have exactly ZERO ideas because well, I was planning on redecorating the living room before even thinking about doing anything to our bedroom.  I don’t even have any inspiration photos saved.  I only did the bedroom about 3 years ago, also a crazy ass project while Dave was on a business trip.  I was in love with it for about a year, but to tell you the truth, I’d love something a bit different. 

The furniture will stay, it’s black.  Other than keeping the furniture, I’m open to anything except taupe on the walls.     

Which is where you come in.  I need a plan.  I need some inspiration.  Lots and lots of inspiration.  I need a paint color.  I need carpet ideas.

I need help.  Pretty pretty please?  Send me ideas of places to look.  I’ve already looked at Elle D├ęcor and Apartment Therapy… Domino I miss you sorely right now.  Send me inspiration photos of your dream room.  I’ll take anything you’ve got.  

Oh, one more thing.  Let me show you our cozy new sleeping arrangements while I’m at it… you know, to get the full effect on just why it’s important for me to have a plan as soon as humanly possible for getting our room back together.  Finn wants his room back just as much as I want ours back.  I don’t know how people co-sleep past the infant stage.  Finn has decided since we’re right there, he might as well start talking to us in the middle of the night or at 6 am, waking us both up and then falling blissfully back asleep.  It has been SO MUCH FUN camping out in there.

I clearly need sleep.



MommyLisa said...

I love the color of the walls in the dining room on Lola B's - Kasey Buick's blog. I think it would make for a calming bedroom color and look just as good off black as white like she has it. - Plus you could do just about any color bedding from there - nice rusty reds, browns, <- The picture with the Hotel De Paris sign is the color and she told me it was Shale, Ralph Lauren when I asked.
Overstock is good for searching for bedding by color. I really was grooving on this set -
or - and if your windows do not get a ton of morning sun I suggest some cool sheers from either Target or Pier One.

the cape on the corner said...

oh man! before blogging i looked for inspiration on rate my space, and i'd suggest houzz, too. good luck, and can't wait to see what you come up with!

Lisa said...

Ha, I was going to suggest a soft gray for the walls but it looks like you've already done that! Oops. I'm not sure what my ideas for walls are, but one suggestion I have is to put in recessed can lights in, if at all possible. I don't think they're terrible expensive and since you have the ceiling opened up, it really wouldn't be too much extra work. We have them in our bedroom and I love them! They give the room such a custom look and the lighting is soft, especially because they are on a dimmer. We have 4 in sort of a square pattern in the room. Do it if you can!

Melissa {TheScarletCardinal} said...

Michelle, I'm so sorry all this craziness is going on!!!

Apartment therapy is def my go to for decorating inspiration, and oddly enough is great too!

I'm loving neutral rooms (walls, bedding) with subtle pops of bright color in the same hue. HGTV's site has some great pics up.

I want to echo Lisa's comment above about putting your lights on a definitely helps, um, set the mood!

Good luck with everything--I'm sure it will be fabulous and I can't wait to see the results!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I actually wouldn't mind moving into our guest room. I did the walls in this light blue-ish with a hint of green in there (what do I call that color?). Crisp white linens with medium and dark brown accents. It's peaceful and restful and I love that I can change it up by switching the (white w/med brown accents) comforter and the (med brown) light weight spread putting one over the whole bed and one across the foot of the bed, depending on season (or my latest whim!). Throw pillows in all the right colors tie everything together.

@JessEsco said...

Holy crap. That's one torn up room!

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