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11 March 2011

Just try not to dance while playing this video.  Do it. 

I can not tell you the sheer number of times that Lyndsey and I have danced to this song over the years, we owned the RECORD.  My mom probably still has it tucked away somewhere.

What is your favorite eighties feel good song?


the cape on the corner said...

everybody cut, everybody cut....footloose!

MommyLisa said...

I still love a good Duran Duran song - and lest we forget, "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors or REM's Superman Song. Wait, that last one is probably 90's. Hmmm.

Lyndsey said...

YES, Mom still has the album by the way along with, Wham, Tears for Fears, MJ, Cluture Club, Prince, U2 and the Boss :0) and yes I was and still am obbsessed with Cyndi Lauper and Culture Club. And, I will have you know Madona got her look from Cyndi (LOL). Michelle, did not mention we used to run around the house signing "She Bop" too, we were like 7 and 9. I wonder how poor Janet went along with that one. It's wasn't till much much later we found out that song was about. (laughing histerically)... there is not an 80's song that doesn't make my butt move but if I have to pick just one it would have to be Paul Simon "You can call me Al" that is a catchy tune... tell me you don't have the dah dah da da dah dah da da thing going in your head right now. LMAO

Lyndsey said...

Damn it Michelle, there are just too many! I have to go by year LOL...
1980- Devo "Whip It"
1981- Pat Benatar "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"
1982- J.Giels Band "Freeze Frame" GoGos "We Got the Beat"
1983- Prince "Little Red Corvette" Clash "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
1984- Nena "99 Luftballons"
1985- Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me"
1986- Bananarama "Venus"
1987- Bon Jovi "Livin' On a Prayer" (I know, shut up, LOL but ya all know the words and ya all acted like rock stars while signing it into
your hair brushes)
1988- Beach Boys "Kokomo" (and we all still want girlie umbrella drinks made by young BS(before scientology) Tom Cruse when we hear it) UB40 "Red Red Wine" R.E.M. "It's the End of the World"
1989- B-52s "Love Shack" Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus"

Tanya said...

I love that one! And I like "I'm walkin' on Sunshine" too.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words :)

Holly said...

ok so funny thing. We were forcing our kids to listen to some of the music we grew up with this week and I have to admit that I LOVE the Bangles. Eternal Flame was my favorite! I also loved most of the hair band love ballads too,lol. I am sure some were from the early 90s and not the 80s but I loved them all!
Oh and thanks for coming by my blog! I love new visitors! ;)

Just A Normal Mom said...

This is great - reminds me of MTV when they actually used to play music videos! And it IS hard not to move to it... ;-)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Oh man, I am such an 80s chick. My favorite feel good song is 'Your Love' by The Outfield. It is the bomb! I also can't stop myself from singing along with Til Tuesday's 'Voices Carry'!!

Anonymous said...

I can't not dance to that song. No matter what. I also still love dancing too 'Wake me up before you go go'. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

I think "Walkin' on Sunshine" and "Let's Hear it for the Boy" are my faves!

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