07 March 2011

We had two birthday parties.

Four inches of snow.

A dozen green cheesecake filled strawberries.

One Spidey, scaling our coffee table.

And less hours of sleep than I would have liked.

How was your weekend?






Samantha said...

Sounds like you were busy, busy! We didn't do much - just worked on MOD stuff for Team Roxy, church, dinner at my grandmother's, and home. It was a rather tame weekend for us. But, we are counting down to vacation - 11 days to go!

Meg said...

I'm sorry... I lost my train of thought after I read 'cheesecake filled strawberries'.

What is this???

Wait, don't tell me. I'm on Weight Watchers.

No... tell me. Like NOW.


MommyLisa said...

I am with Meg on this one...SPILL!

Meg said...

O...M...G... Those cheesecake filled strawberries look insane. You DEFINITELY need an individual post on those babies. They're currently parading themselves around in my daydreams.

Our weekend was good and bad. We went to the Atlanta Aquarium on Saturday and then met up with friends afterwards for drinks. All good until Sunday when our dish washer decided it was done. It started making sounds like a hundred tiny hands crushing animal bones and then the water would not drain at the bottom. Always fun to wash dishes, pots and pans by hand until you find a good deal on a replacement! I'm practically Amish this week.

belles♥mom said...

Um 'cheesecake filled strawberries' recipe...NOW....pretty pretty please. Those look AMAZING!

Statii emisie receptie said...

I had a quite sunny weekend. Great cake and I love the way to hung that Spider Man. Lovely. Please share the cake recipe.

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